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  1. That's so generous of you. And thank you for doing it. People who have been affected by the backlog are really going through hell at the moment. I hope you are reunited with your family happy and content.
  2. Hopefully, but there's no mentioning of addressing the visa backlogs, sadly. So many people are waiting for that.
  3. Indeed, it is. The whole uncertainty is quite excruciating.
  4. Hopefully the incoming administration would do something to ease this whole backlog. Congratulations to all those who've received their ILs. May you pass with flying colors and be reunited with your families.
  5. DQ: 16th December 2020. It seems like there's going to be a long wait.
  6. Does anyone know which Facebook groups some people are talking about, regarding US immigrant-visa interviews from Pakistan?
  7. I am wondering the same. Been trying to get the info but haven't come across any yet. Let me know if you get any updates. Thanks.
  8. Any update on how far along Islamabad embassy is on CR-1/IR-1 visa interviews now?
  9. Hi, I hope my message finds you well. Do you or does anyone know how long the US embassy, Islamabad is taking to schedule immigrant-visa interviews for cases DQ'd in December 2020?
  10. Thank you so much for the help I'm seeing some of the cases being approved within weeks at NVC, while others are taking months.
  11. Does anyone know how long it is taking for cases to get documentarily qualified, on average, after submitted everything to the NVC?
  12. Hello. Many congratulations. Can you please tag me in the forum you mentioned? I would be very grateful. Thank you
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