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  1. Wife (UScitizen) and I entered lovely marriage, however, we've grown apart to the point that she wants to walk away and not work on it anymore, she's acting highly emotionally, not rationally, she's no longer reliable, it's a painful, frustrating situation. AOS-interview took place almost 23 mths after our marriage and went great, IO was very courteous and welcomed me to the US, I was given Sec. 216 Notice stating my residence will be conditional for 2 yrs as of the approval date and we'll have to submit Form I-751 to remove conditional basis. 2wks later an RFE (simple stuff that we took to interview but IO never asked to see) was mailed to our previous address (we moved to new address the day after AOS-interview and updated address within 10 days), I only got it cause I went back to check our old place's mailbox. Such RFE's deadline is exactly 1 calendar day before our marriage's 2-yr mark. Given our relationship is complicated and future is uncertain I'd like not to depend on her 2 yrs in the future, so I'm tempted to wait until the deadline to respond to RFE. Question is if it's worth it and I'll get 10-yr GC, or because I got a Sec. 216 notice, I'll get conditional GC anyway. I guess my real question here is if that "Section 216 notice" I got will override or outweigh the part of the immigration law that says that if approval is after 2-year mark it will automatically be a 10yr GC. I'm not sure if I'm being too bold here to think that would be a likely outcome.
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