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  1. Hello everyone Please I got a question, During my embassy interview (k1). I submitted my original birthday certificate to the consulate, and she never gave me back. Will I get it again or I need to go get a new one done. Please I need your help. Thanks
  2. We have always wanted to get married in a different location, so my fiancé decided we get married where he live so that all his family and mine can also attend the wedding.
  3. Hello Everyone, Good day. Please how do one approach this question when asked during your interview. * Why do you want to marry in the US and not your own country * ? Your ideas will be very appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, good day, please I have a question and will really appreciate if am answered. 1). When is the appropriate time to go for your medical examination before your appointment date? 2). If you did your police report in August 26th, and your interview is in January, should you do another one? Cause your police report will be 5 months old in January.
  5. Hi, good morning please I’d like to know your thought on something, which is appropriate letting your fiancé scan the documents to you via email or using a delivery service. This is in regards to the AOS. Thanks
  6. Hello, No please, it just said Case last updated 16th October. When I check my visa status before on the ceac website, it says “ready” and the case last updated 23th August. But just checked about two day ago, it changed to case last updated 16th October and “ready”. Why is that?
  7. Hello, please I know here’s not the right place to ask such questions but I need clarification. I checked the ceac website just yesterday and my case updated has changed from 20th August to October 16th. Please what does that mean?
  8. Okay, thank you.Yes I have done all that. Paid DS-160, use the barcode in setting up my profile and tried booking. Still nothing yet from the Ghana embassy.
  9. Hello , please I need your advice and help, I got my case number in August, haven’t been able to book my interview yet, anytime I try booking, it says “no interview dates available” . And also, my petition will be expiring in November 7th. What should I do, will they extend the date or what?
  10. Hmmm, exactly the same frustration am going through. Been over a month and weeks now, still haven’t heard anything from the embassy about P3 and anytime I check the page no interview dates available. Been calling the embassy, sending numerous emails. All they keep saying is wait. What’s happening really? Since 20th August.
  11. Hello, please can I get the email address you requested your P3, before getting your It finally. Thanks.
  12. Yes...from what I have seen and been told by few people here, the embassy send it to you the applicant so you prepare for your interview and get all they ask on the letter and book your appointment as well. That’s all I can say. 😊
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