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  1. a separate question to the above, one of my fiancee's children was born in the British Virgin Islands and her father resides there, is it necessary to present evidence at the embassy that the father has given permission to enter the US?
  2. ok but can I get an appointment with a date far enough out that I can add the second daughter to that same appointment, after DS-160 and passport are correct, or do I need to wait to rectify DS and passport first..... thanks
  3. Had a passport but it is expired, but I'm told the passport number will be the same, just need the new one for the issuance and expiration date.
  4. D-160 complete for everyone, fiance has two children. One has valid passport, the other one am waiting on the passport. Question is can I request the interview and ensure the date is far enough out that I have the other child's passport then add her to the same interview application, or do I need to wait to get the other passport in hand before requesting an interview. Thanks all for your advice in advance.
  5. Does my fiancee need to complete a D-160 for herself and one for each of her two children (14 and 5 years old)? Family Information page: Spouse, since we are not legally married does this pertain to myself as the fiance? Thanks in advance
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