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  1. I uploaded all of my marriage documents as one file and got DQed.
  2. 1st submission January 4th 2nd submission March 5th 3rd and last submission May 5th DQed : May 20th ♥️
  3. No they didn’t. I got my documents translated and notarised by Al Masoom services. I just sent them the picture of my marriage certificate and they made it for me. You can find their contact information on google: http://almasoom.org/contact-us/
  4. When the embassies are gonna open up? 🥺😭😭 I am so impatient.
  5. Do you think that NVC will make any issue that I uploaded my Nadra Marriage certificate in the same file? I hope not 🥺
  6. Did you get your documents attested from Foreign office? Wondering is it necessary or not.
  7. Translation documents should be included in one PDF file with the original document. I uploaded all of them in one file. Even though all of them are different but they contain same information. Lol 🤣 I swear this process is gonna make me crazy. Well fingers crossed. Hope the documents will be accepted.
  8. Yes you’re right about the marriage certificate. They want the translation of my original certificate even though I did submit the registration certificate. Well thanks for being such a great help. ✨♥️
  9. As you all know I got RFE today. I was just going to upload some documents. But confused about this thing. NVC says Translation documents should be included in one PDF file with the original document. And that each file should be under 2 MB so if I’m gonna upload all the pages in one, file, can it be of more than 2 MB? Or the whole pages (file) should be under 2 mb?
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