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  1. Anyone else notice the EAD Timeline? The last time someone updated their EAD approval was March 17. Does this mean they suspended processing EAD? Thoughts?
  2. Omg we really do have the same timeline. Mine just got updated too!
  3. Oh hey! We also did our Biometrics on the same date! Excited to get new updates!
  4. Hello everyone! Has anyone here tried to get an ITIN while waiting for their social security number? My husband is about to file his tax and our lawyer told me to get an ITIN. Just wanna know your experience applying for one!
  5. Has anyone here finished their biometrics and checked their status on the egov.uscic.gov website? I did my biometrics last week and it should change status to "We have received your fingerprint..." like most of you but I just checked my status and it is still on "Fingerprint fee received", should I be worried?
  6. Hello everyone! Glad to finally join this thread. Just finished my biometrics this week, next wait is for the EAD/AP! Hope everything goes well with everyone!
  7. Thank you! Still says Fingerprint Fee Was Received. Hope it gets updated soon.
  8. Should I create an account or the account was given to you? I'm not getting e-mail notifications either since I have a lawyer and I think he's the one getting the e-mails.
  9. Hello everyone! Glad to finally join this thread. I just had my biometrics this past Tuesday and from what I read, most of you here saw their status change stating that Biometrics/Fingerprints were taken. I checked mine and it's still on "Fingerprint fee received". I don't know if I should be paranoid about it since my hands were really sweaty during the appointment(I wasn't nervous, it was normal for me lol) and one of my fingerprint needed to be re-done but the lady said it's fine. It looked like she was on a rush because it was almost 4pm and the line was still long. I hope everything's good. My timeline: 12/07/19 - AOS/EAD Package Filed 12/17/19 - NOA1 12/26/19 - NOA1 for Biometrics Appointment 01/07/20 - Biometrics
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new here so bear with me if I ask basic questions. Anyway, we're about to get our marriage license in few days and I was looking at the marriage license form and have some questions about it. 1. Should I input my address as my fiance's address where we are staying right now or my Philippines address? 2. It's asking for a Social Security number and I don't have one yet since I'm just about to submit AOS after the wedding. Should there be a problem? 3. Should the witness be there on the day we file the license or on the ceremony? I wanna hear how you guys did it coming from a B2 visa holder. I just wanna make sure I'm making things right. Thank you!
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