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  1. Update: I went to a lawyer and they agreed I should at least try to submit the evidence I had. I submitted plain tickets, copy of diploma, copy of Brazilian work authorization, and an affidavit from her mother and grandmother stating that she lived with them for two years. The lawyer said this was more than most people do. anyway, I submitted the evidence about a week ago and after checking the online status it finally changed, I think it was approved! I don’t know what else this status could mean. Thanks everyone so much for your support !
  2. This is true and I’m aware.. our deadline to return evidence is in November so likely it wouldn’t be completed by then. However, if somehow our time gets extended or a cover letter can help expedite the I-131 it may he worth doing since we are feeling desperate anyway.
  3. That’s a good idea. We will do that since i don’t see how it can hurt currently, it may prove to be helpful in the future. Thanks!
  4. Nice to hear that others have faced similar issues. So you happened to already be in your home country? Unfortunately if she leaves the country we would be forfeiting the application. But I have been thinking the same that we should just let them make the decision based on evidence we provide them.
  5. Unfortunately we were unaware of this option since we followed a guide that didn’t mention it. Now hearing about it I’m not sure how we missed it, we must have just been overwhelmed with everything else. Live and learn I guess.
  6. I appreciate the links. Will do more digging on that see if I can understand the wording of the law better specifically for the 2yhrr of j1.
  7. I read the contrary, that even one minute in the US negates that day. Do you have a reference that states I can count partial days ?
  8. Great info. These were the specific dates that we have documented: 12/15/2015 left US to go home 9/8/2016 arrived in US 9/29/2016 left the US 3/28/2017 arrived in the US 6/6/2017 left the US 12/29/2017 arrived in the US 6/27/2018 left the US 9/10/2018 arrived in the US on K-1 IF I include all of these dates I get 732 days. If I include only arrivals or departures the sum is 728. With neither it’s 724.
  9. so even with a lawyer we’re provably screwed unless we can be slightly ambiguous about the time spent back in the home country to gain the 2 days? ...and then after rejection we go back to needing to get a k-1 again and starting from scratch?
  10. She has the EAD, in fact she currently has a job. She does not have an AP unfortunately. Sept 22, 2018 Married in the US I-797 notice of action received on 10/12/2018 Interview notice arrived June12, 2019 Interview Occurred July 24, 2019 (no decision made at interview) Request for evidence of compliance with 2YHRR was sent August 26, 2019 Thanks a lot for the support.
  11. Any opinions on having her go home to complete her time in order to add that to the evidence to be submitted? Would she be able to enter back into the country on the K-1? Again, I plan to get professional advice I'd just like opinions as I am anxious. Update: I now see that K-1 has expired and therefore she would have to use the tourist visa so I don't know how that would work.
  12. Thanks for your response. Yes we did the interview for AOS, and were not approved immediately. Few weeks later we got the letter asking for evidence regarding the J-1. Is going to Canada valid even if it's not the home country? Thanks again!
  13. Hello all, Me and my wife have been through the process of getting the K-1, and recently had our green card interview. We received a letter asking for more information, specifically asking for proof that the J-1 two year requirement was met. After researching how to prepare this evidence we realized that the time that she visited the states doesn't count towards her two years, and she visited multiple times on a tourist Visa. So previously we thought she had done more than enough time in her home country, but now realizing after doing the math that she spent 728 days in her home country instead of the full two years (730 days). We are very nervous and going to consult a lawyer, but anxious to know if anyone else has had a similar situation and what to expect. I'm surprised this has only come up at the last step because we submitted the J-1 a long time ago. Does anyone have any information that will help us feel better or worst case grasp reality of the situation and realize we are screwed? Thanks!
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