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  1. We also talked to a lawyer and she said she will take care of all the paper work. I really don't want us to waste money on a lawyer if the chances of us getting approved are low.
  2. I wonder if we'd have a better chance through that.
  3. Well, he plans to keep working and saving as much as possible beforehand and until he can get a work visa, we'll be staying with my parents. I'm the wife by the way.
  4. Yes, unfortunately. My parents are going to sponser him since I don't make enough money.
  5. I was hoping one would be enough since we both don't have much money and I have bad anxiety, so traveling isn't exactly a thing I can do.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if meeting one time would be enough for a k1 visa. I know 1 meeting in a 2 year period is enough to apply but I'm worried that one time meeting won't be enough. My fiancee is from Lebanon and we are 2 years apart in age. We talk everyday via text and video chat. We first started dating in the beginning of April of this year, we met online.
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