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  1. That's what i was thinking. We only took 6 photocopies. I needed 6 but then my husband said he noticed he needed 2 of my photocopies too, and suggested i could just send 4. I guess I just have to go take new ones, nothing to discuss about.
  2. Do we have to submit 2 photocopies for each form? Or can we submit 2 photocopies for all the forms since we'll send them as a package?
  3. Can I somehow describe my situation on the last page with free space for explanations? Or should i just leave without an explanation? It doesn't really give me an "option" to explain myself, like it does with few of the other questions.
  4. On form I-485, part 8. General Eligibility and inadmissibility Grounds item nr.17 the question is "Have you EVER violated the terms or conditions of your nonimmigrant status?" I've overstayed my ESTA for a few days now, because we're still in the process of filing all the forms and get all the papers needed from my home country. Should I cross "yes" or "no"?
  5. Just to ensure. On form I-131 Part 3. Processing information, it says "date of intended departure" and "expected length of trip". On a YouTube video they say you're suppose to make something up, just put any dates to fill it, it sounds and it feels like I'd put incorrect information doing so, since I don't have any trip planned yet. Is the video correct?
  6. Thank you! Hope you don't mind, I got another question while we're at it: On form I-485 Part 3 Address history it says " Provide physical address for everywhere you have lived during the last five years, whether inside or outside the United States. Provide your current address first.." I'm a bit confused, I'm not registered to my temporarily address here in the US. But it says "provide your current address", and this is where I'm resitting ATM. But the phrase "address history" kinda gives a reflection of just "registered addresses", as the one in my home country. I just don't want to write down the wrong information.
  7. I'm filing form I-131 ATM and I'm confused about the part "Physical address" and "in care of name", I'm currently staying at another family members place temporarily, til we got all sorted out. Is "Physical address" the temporarily address I'm staying at or back to my home country? Should I put my name under "in care of name" or leave it blank? Thanks again
  8. I see, so the only thing you have to pay for is a new form basically? Well, then I rather take the risk of paying for a new documented form , just to be able to give them a complete package.
  9. So you would have to take the vaccinations all over again because the form I-693 is invalid? Won't there be any negative health bi effects of taking an overdose of all the vaccinations?
  10. We are going to send all the forms in one package as mentioned. So we got an appointment to do the medical examination and take the vaccinations that's needed (form I-693). On form i-485 in the instructions it says "...because of the time-limited validity of Form I-693, you may choose to submit your form I-693 after you file your form I-485. You may also submit form I-693 in person at an interview in a USCIS field office, if an interview is required. By waiting to submit form I-693, you may avoid having to repeat the immigration medical examination." If I've already taken my vaccinations that's required, why would I have to retake them again if it's needed for the interview? A vaccination lasts for many years and I'd have a new record of when I got them here in the US.
  11. I got it my I-94 printed now. But I don't understand the purpose of getting a I-94?? I'll be taking copies of my stamps on my passport for every arrival I've ever made including my expired old passport, which will show the same information as the I-94. I tried to find my I-94 on my expired old passport (I've entered the US twice with it, almost 9 years ago). But it says no record found for traveler. Does it mean they just cleared it out, and it's not needed anymore? Oh I thought ESTA was a visa...I'm on ESTA, isn't that some kind of a tourist visa...
  12. And also when filing form I-485 adjustment of status, how did you guys fill in when leaving blanks? According to the instructions you have to put "N/A" or "None", but watching youtube videos from 2019 they suggest you to just put blank for the most parts.
  13. We are in the process to file for adjustment of status form I-485, and we are trying to collect all the required documents from the instructions. Sometimes the instructions are a bit confusing and I want to double check with you guys if we got everything in place. *Filing fee *2 new passport photos in colors *Birth certificate *Photocopy of my passport parole stamp when entering + all the stamps on my expired passports I've ever had when entering US * Marriage certification *All the other required forms (we are going to send all the forms together as a package, it'll take a bit longer to send everything together, but hopefully that won't be an issue) *criminal record (my record is clean, but I'll send it regardless if they ever ask for it, to fasten the process) *Photocopy of my VISA *My flight tickets *Relationship proof Is there anything missing?
  14. Even if a local police report from my home country is not mentioned, should I still get it? Just in case if they ask for it later like the case mentioned. I've lived in the same country my whole life, and I've never had any illegal reports against me or any kind of warning from the police.
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