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  1. I just want to say thank you all who answered all my questions, this is a life changing time for me and my husband, and we will be able to start our new journey together! We got approved at the interview and I'll be getting my green card within 2 weeks! We are so happy! As you all know it's been really stressful. I know some of you guys already got your paperwork done but are still taking your precious time helping other lost souls here on visajourney! Thank you guys!
  2. Hi, its been a while, I got my interview scheduled. But I got a question, let's say if you filed for the travel authorization and after getting the green card, can you travel to your home country without problems on your way back? Or is the travel authorization only for emergencies? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know if I could possibly get an American driver's license while still waiting for the appointment for the interview? I took the biometrics a few weeks ago. I already got a swedish driver's license.
  4. We received notice of action form I-797C letters from uscis for the forms we sent. They didn't ask for any more information, just that they will give us an appointment for the biometrics by mail. Does that mean we got approved? Or are they still working with the documents? Thank you
  5. Our package reached USCIS on Wednesday a week ago, how long does it usually take to get an answer back from them?
  6. That's what i was thinking. We only took 6 photocopies. I needed 6 but then my husband said he noticed he needed 2 of my photocopies too, and suggested i could just send 4. I guess I just have to go take new ones, nothing to discuss about.
  7. Do we have to submit 2 photocopies for each form? Or can we submit 2 photocopies for all the forms since we'll send them as a package?
  8. Can I somehow describe my situation on the last page with free space for explanations? Or should i just leave without an explanation? It doesn't really give me an "option" to explain myself, like it does with few of the other questions.
  9. On form I-485, part 8. General Eligibility and inadmissibility Grounds item nr.17 the question is "Have you EVER violated the terms or conditions of your nonimmigrant status?" I've overstayed my ESTA for a few days now, because we're still in the process of filing all the forms and get all the papers needed from my home country. Should I cross "yes" or "no"?
  10. Just to ensure. On form I-131 Part 3. Processing information, it says "date of intended departure" and "expected length of trip". On a YouTube video they say you're suppose to make something up, just put any dates to fill it, it sounds and it feels like I'd put incorrect information doing so, since I don't have any trip planned yet. Is the video correct?
  11. Thank you! Hope you don't mind, I got another question while we're at it: On form I-485 Part 3 Address history it says " Provide physical address for everywhere you have lived during the last five years, whether inside or outside the United States. Provide your current address first.." I'm a bit confused, I'm not registered to my temporarily address here in the US. But it says "provide your current address", and this is where I'm resitting ATM. But the phrase "address history" kinda gives a reflection of just "registered addresses", as the one in my home country. I just don't want to write down the wrong information.
  12. I'm filing form I-131 ATM and I'm confused about the part "Physical address" and "in care of name", I'm currently staying at another family members place temporarily, til we got all sorted out. Is "Physical address" the temporarily address I'm staying at or back to my home country? Should I put my name under "in care of name" or leave it blank? Thanks again
  13. I see, so the only thing you have to pay for is a new form basically? Well, then I rather take the risk of paying for a new documented form , just to be able to give them a complete package.
  14. So you would have to take the vaccinations all over again because the form I-693 is invalid? Won't there be any negative health bi effects of taking an overdose of all the vaccinations?
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