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  1. Congrats to everybody who has received an update in their case! For me, everything happened so quickly after I applied for the EAD renewal in early October. On Oct 14, I received a letter saying that my case was scheduled for an interview on Nov 3rd. We had the interview at the Houston field office and our experience was a good one. The IO was nice, she went through our files (the ones we originally submitted) before asking any questions. She asked if we wanted to submit additional evidence and I gave her a file full of more pictures, call logs, updated joint bank statements, car insurance, home insurance, etc. Then she asked my husband his full name, DOB, other info about himself, and if the signatures on the forms were his. Also asked if he had petitioned for is previous wife and he said no. Then she asked me my full name, DOB, the type of visa I had prior to applying for a green card (E2) and why, etc. She also asked how we met, and then a little chit chat with my husband about how he served in the army, etc. She told me congratulations, you've been approved and like half an hour later I received updates from USCIS that my card had been approved and was ordered. Then a bunch of other updates and yesterday, they notified me that the card had been picked up by USPS, so I'm expecting it early next week 🤩. To those who have not received any updates, don't lose faith! I hope everything happens as fast for you too. I heard Houston is one of the busiest offices and I had been waiting since March when my interview was cancelled due to Covid... right when I started losing hope, I received the interview notice! so hang in there and best of luck!
  2. Thank you, that's what I thought but I just wanted to make sure 😟
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question that hasn't let me sleep in the last few days As soon as I received my EAD at the end of January, I started looking for another job (I've been working in the US since 2015 on an E2 visa, so I already had a job). I had multiple interviews and one of them (which was a great opportunity) didn't work out in the end because the recruiter told me that they wouldn't hire people on EAD. He was the only recruiter who asked, the rest has only asked if I am authorized to work and If I will need sponsorship in the future, and I always say no. Days ago, I was contacted by a recruiter, had a phone interview and an in-person interview and they said they will be extending the offer next week. I am extremely anxious and nervous of quitting my current job and then when they see my EAD they will reject me and I will be left jobless. I would also love that job, it seems like a great Company and the bump in compensation is significant. Can Companies rescind the written offer because of an EAD? Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! On Friday 14, 2020 I received a message from USCIS that my interview had been scheduled so I'm only waiting for the letter in the mail 😁 Can anyone help me with this? I am currently in the process of filing taxes and the tax preparer said that if my husband and I file jointly, we will receive significantly less $ than if we file separately. Do you know if filing separately will affect the process of obtaining my green card? Thank you!
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