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  1. It took about a month to get the interview date and I was given a month to prepare. Hope this helps
  2. I’m one of the few June filers that had a whirlwind with USCIS. I was called in for an interview October 2, and it was a stokes interview. Panicked for months because the interviewer was so strict. Fast forward. 2 months later “new card being produced”. Good luck to everyone else waiting for their good new. And kindly update the sheets for me 😀
  3. It took about a month from the day it was updated online to my interview day. I won’t advice you postpone it because it will only delay your case further and could possibly be a red flag for USCIS. At least from what I’ve heard. best of luck on your interview
  4. I did and it said Arlington VA, and the only uscis office in Arlington is Potomac center. I’m not sure if that’s a benefit center or not because that’s far from where I live
  5. It’s so confusing to me how they’re working. I got an update yesterday that my case was ready to be scheduled for an interview, then this morning I got another update that my case has been moved to another office that has jurisdiction over my case. I really don’t know how to process this
  6. That must be frustrating!!!! When did you get the update? Did they transfer your case after the interview update?
  7. Hi!!!! Did you ever receive the letter from Uscis confirming the interview?
  8. Right!!!! Thank you. Will wait it out for a little while. I called the automated system and my case has been transferred to Arlington,VA which I believe is the same as Potomac. I’m not even sure anymore
  9. I just found out there was another update last night. My case has been transferred to another office which now has jurisdiction over it. I’m confused at the moment. But I’m praying for better outcome
  10. Can I do that whiles I’m waiting for the interview date?
  11. I was transferred from Vermont to Potomac May 10th I’m praying for such a miracle!!!!! 🥺
  12. I just got an update about a possible interview. I honestly don’t know how to begin processing it because that was not what I expected. 🤧
  13. Hi everyone, and congrats to everyone receiving good news. Ive been following secretly for a good while now and I’m darn near loosing my mind. I’m not sure if anyone has an answer to this question but I’m hoping someone does. Is it too late to receive an interview or RFE? NOA July 3 and case was transferred from Vermont to Potomac May 10. I just got my first job as a registered nurse, I will hate to loose my job because of USCIS.
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