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  1. Thanks for the replies, anyone else have any thoughts? Any similar experiences?
  2. I know I sound like a putz, and maybe i am. Even though now I am hurt very badly.
  3. Hello and TIA for any thoughts and replies to this, Feel free to move this wherever it might need to go. I will just start of with my main question, I dated/lived with a Chinese woman (my house) who overstayed a B2 visa, got an NTA 7 months after we were living together for an asylum filing. She always said she wanted to get married and have a baby. Asked me about getting married every 3 or 4 months. told me how some people pay USC to get married and asked me if I wanted her to pay me. I said No. We love each other, right? Anyway, she gave me an ultimatum of getting married after being together 1.3 yrs or she would leave me. We got married and she sent me a link on my phone 1 week after being married for green card papers. And she wanted to take out the IUD as well. Her court date for the asylum trial I guess is in Jan 2021. (She has had a lawyer the whole time) She doesn't know I know the date. Well, I asked if we could wait on the papers for a while and she got mad and shortly after (2 weeks or so) left and moved in with another man. We were married for 2 months and I have her A number and some other things but no I-130 submitted. So, She will be married and divorced and remarried and possibly pregnant or given birth after getting an NTA and before her asylum trial. My question is, how much scrutiny will she get with USCIS and the IJ? I know I have left out a lot of details, on purpose I guess, regarding some things. Just putting the facts out there. I am not sure if I was being used. I am 10 years older than her, new guy is 17 years older than her. My heart was in this. She tried to keep me from knowing she went to another man. So does the baby create an immigration hardship, or makes the marriage look more real? Both maybe. It takes a while for citizenship, do people really do all this and leave in the end?
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