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  1. For the percentage " 99%"? There was a correction that, whom I knew in US as an international student around me, while I was there. I lived in Billings, Montana, after that moved to Fort Myer, FL. At the end, Queens NYC. By the journey, I met with so many of from South America to all the way Australia. There is not any kind of official statement. Just, what I got.
  2. In US, 99% of international student are doing part time work. Where mostly illega, and it's common. Even, in NY police knows about it, but they say nothing. There were one of my friend from India worked in Times square front of the NYPD Head quarter, they knew him that he was a student. But, they were very friendly. There is nothing new or strange incidence. You know what, there was an immigration officer from ICE, who was telling to me that, Mr. Ahmed, you were truthful and agreed with us. So, we have no choice. We have to follow our law. If you didn't agree, then we can't do anything. Because, there is no proof but only what you said. And yeah, I know that was not lawful.
  3. Not really. I didn't apply for US anymore. My goal for PhD and I'm on my way. Maybe I'll not go Canada, because my Research advisor Professor trying to convince me to stay here with him in South Korea. He'll be my PhD advisor as he said. But, I don't want to stay here. But, maybe I would. And I'm making an option for Canada. Thank you.
  4. I stayed 2 years in NY. And for some travelling plan, I had to get some extra money, that's why I did that. And I went to that tour. While coming back, something happened, and I was truthful while they're asking, did I do any work outside of my campus? My uncles and aunt's family is there, and they sent lawyer to handle it. But, I said that I did work. And they're unable to do anything after my statement. Anyway, I was 2nd year undergrad student at that time. I couldn't finish my course. So, when I came back my home my all of friends were graduating almost. I couldn't continue study there, so I went out from my country again. And here I have done my study, left 6 month of graduation anyway.
  5. Aha! Thank you so much for your replying, I got some idea for my next step. I heartily appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. It would be a fact, if I apply for work permit? or skill migration? even!
  7. "Not really. Only US by 2015." Yes, really. That one I have mentioned earlier. So, I try to get something new im next answer.
  8. Not really. Only US by 2015. After this I have arrived in South Korea to complete my study. And, in between, I have travelled Japan twice, Indonesia twice, France once. In mid time, I was rejected for Japan visa, but I already travelled there again. My files is clear I hope, and I'm a government paid researcher im South Korea under the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). And I got national award from Korean national innovation competition. And I'll complete my "Railway Engineering" by 2020. I have founded Model UN club, I have joined TEDx as well. Why I'm saying all this to explain, I made a figure here, it could be considerable for Canadian immigration in the case of US deportation?
  9. F-1 holder Deported from US in March 2015, will be done graduation from South Korea by 2020. And want apply for Masters to Canadian University around 2020-2021. US deportation could make effect to get Canadian student visa? even after 5 years? Should I mention my US deportation history in Canadian embassy application form?
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