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  1. i came here by CR1 and get greencard 2 year . but when i came here me and my wife cant live together after 2 year also when renew greencard 2 year she dont help me anything so i sent divored and i want my son after divorce done ! => i have 50% custody with my son and i need to pay for my wife child support for everymonth i was sent i 751 by waiver and renew by my own . our married is good fair- not fake - also have baby => it cant fake married ! i came here because my wife and my son . but when i came then me and my wife cant livetogether so USCIS already take my finger print done and iam waiting for USCIS call me to interview .. why i sent divored . so do you guys think USCIS allow for me stay here with my son ? and give me greencard 10 year ?
  2. Anybody here same my problem ? i came USA by CR1 and get greencard 2 year but I sent divorce because me and my wife can’t stay together. I was submitted application for renew greencard by waiver ( renew by my own ) status already “ finger print was complete..” I submitted on 11/30/2018 greencard expired on 2/25/2019 bimotric appointment: 5/20/2019 .... i have 1 baby with my wife Also our relationship before divorced is good fair married about 10 year in love and have 1 baby And i need sent child support for every month - so do you think USCIS send me back to my country? And denied my case ?
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