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  1. Yes, we have no children so I wanted to put N/A but where do I write that? The first space to write children is "Family Name" . If I put NA there, wouldn't they just think that NA is for the family name only?
  2. I keep seeing mixed responses about this, some people have had issues writing in n/a, some leaving it blank. When I filed for AOS, my lawyer left blank spaces, but we are filing without a lawyer this time. USCIS instructions say to write in n/a when needed. Which one is it then?
  3. It still won't let me. For example I click YES my physical address is different than my mailing address, yet the physical address space still won't let me type in. Do you think it's ok to just write it in then?
  4. Two questions: 1. I filled out the form mostly by typing but certain areas wouldn't allow me fill out so I did those by hands. Is it ok to have a mix of typed/hand written? 2. Do I need type N/A or just leave blank? I've seen people say both...
  5. Just when I thought I was finished with my package I reread the instructions for I-751 and the last point says I need at least 2 affidavits. Are these 100% necessary? Has anyone sent in a package without them?
  6. I am doing my last section now "proof of address". I will be using mail we've been getting over the past two years. I was wondering, should i photocopy the entire page where the address is written on, or can I just put 3 of them folded into thirds one on top of each other so that the address shows (the way that it shows when you get the mail). Not sure if this is clear or not, but basically do they need the entire page where the address is one or it doesn't matter as long as they see our names and our address? Second, should I only use mail that has both our names or can I use mail we've gotten separately? Lastly, we live in Hawaii and it's very common here for people not to be able to get mail to their house so we have a PO box. Should I explain this in the cover letter? because we don't have a lot of proof for our actual address (only a couple of things show our actual address, like our lease and our tax returns).
  7. Hi, I am the applicant (I am married to my American spouse). I was looking through the cover letter example on this website and it was written from the perspective of the american spouse. This entire time I thought it should be written by me (i.e. in the cover letter say something like " I was granted AOS on X date", etc.). Does it have to be written in the perspective of my american husband or me, seeking to lift conditions?
  8. And you started with when you got married or just after you received your Green Card?
  9. How do you get quarterly statements? The only option for me is monthly on my bank's webpage. Do I have to go in in person?
  10. Hi again, I have a few questions: 1. I know it says I need to submit proof starting with the day we got married, but should I mainly focus on the 2 years following my AOS? Or do I also need to re-submit all the proof I had already shown when I first applied? 2. How many bank statements do I need to submit? I was thinking of submitting just the first page of each month's statement. Again, can I start with the date a was approved for my green card? 3. If I received bank statements by mail, should I submit those in the "proof that we live at the same address" section? Since they have both our names and addresses. 4. Can I submit original letters (i.e. statements), or do I need to photocopy everything? 5. I wasn't able to order a tax transcript in time. Is it ok if I just print the entire document for both years on turbo tax and submit that? Thanks!
  11. Hopefully that's all it was then. Also wondering why they didn't get the notice that I changed my address (Did this 3x the entire 2 years since AOS). Should I include in my package the emails I received every time I changed my address to show that I did do it?
  12. Hi! I am freaking out a little bit because about a month ago I received a letter from the USCIS at my old address (for some reason they didn't send it to my new one even though I updated it...). My old roommate mailed it to me but it never made it ! I am about to submit my I-751 this week. What could have been in that letter? A notice that I have to submit I-751 or something else more important? Is there anything I can do to get the letter sent again from the USCIS?
  13. Hi, I am currently completing my I-751 form and I have two questions" 1. To prove that we did our taxes for last year, is it enough to print out the document found on turbo tax? If so, do I print out all 50+ pages or just the ones that are filled out/have our names. And is this enough to prove it? For some reason I'm unable to print out a tax transcript on the IRS website and I'm nervous that the turbo tax document won't be enough... 2. Is the USCIS pretty backed up at this time? My 2 year GC expires Nov. 24th 2021. I'm basically sending in my form 3 months early as I heard we should, but I'm worried I should've sent it even earlier. Thank you!
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