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  1. Sweethearts, I can not stress enough that even though this Visa process is long, daunting and honestly terrifically tedious, that the reward after the fact will be so worth everything you will go through. Just think about how wonderful it will be at the end of the journey that you will have legal papers in hand, you've not broken any laws and are guilt-free because of it. It will be such an amazing feeling once you can say "I've worked hard for my citizenship here, now I can finally live the life I've always wanted to without feeling like a public charge and can provide for myself (and family) and I am free!" The day I get to say that, I know I will be ready to take on a new chapter in my life. God Bless you all on this journey!
  2. First post here. My I-129F hasn't yet been approved, my fiance sent off some extra evidence that was recieved July 2, 2019, but just want to know for future sake. I live in the UK and my fiance in the US and I've read through all the documentation we will have to file in future but need help. My fiances father will be co-sponsoring me aswell as my fiance. As he works as a detention officer, so just a little extra support to know that I'm not immigrating to break any laws and to help support me financially until I get my work permit and a secure job. But the problem is I don't see in the Affidavit of Support i-134 forn where to list Co-Sponsorship. Would they both need to fill in seperate forms or am I missing something? Thank you very much!
  3. Honestly when I get to America, first thing I want to do is have a nice long sleep.
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