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  1. I didn't know that. I was just told at the embassy I needed to withdraw the application if I wanted to travel on a tourist visa (I told them I no longer had a relationship and that I didn't further the process because of that). Well, it's not that I need to go to the US now, I might need it for study reasons next year, but if it's not possible I hope I can do my rotation in another country at least
  2. Thanks for your replies. I guess I'll just have to wait. Yeah, I supposed so. But pending is automatic rejection since you can't have both process ongoing. If after expired I'm still denied non-immigrant visa, well that's life...
  3. What if the petitioner doesn't want to? does this process expires after a certain time? can i sent a letter as beneficiary?
  4. Hi everyone. Basically I need information regarding how to withdraw a visa petition. I went to the USCIS office from my home country and i was told only the petitioner can withdraw the application; however, my former fiance doesn't seem to know how to do it. At this point, I dont even think he wants to do it. Anyway, I found this on the internet: "A petitioner or applicant may withdraw a petition or application prior to adjudication. Withdrawal is a voluntary action. It should not be coerced, although it may be suggested as an alternative to a formal denial. Whenever a withdrawal is received, it should be acknowledged, in writing, for the record. Although a withdrawal by a petitioner is not necessarily an indication of fraud, the facts surrounding any prior withdrawal should be considered in the event a subsequent petition is filed by the same pe titioner. See Matter of Isber 20 I&N Dec 676 (BIA 1993) A petition which has been withdrawn cannot be denied. See Matter of Cintron , 16 I&N Dec 9 (BIA 1976)." English is not my mother language, but it gave me a bit of hope regarding the matter. Can I as the benefiaciary send a letter to withdraw the application? If so, where to? I guess I've got to send the letter to an American office and lastly, i don't even know the state of my current case. Last info my ex sent me was on September last year. he sent me the attached file. My problem is I wanted to travel earlier this year for a congress and my visa was denied because this process is pending. I wonder if it even expires after certain time, but I read somewhere there has to be a written record of the withdrawal. Thanks in advance.
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