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  1. My main aim is to be a father figure to her child yes, we looked at adjustment of status but it has expired and unsure if we should still fill it out or not. My Fiance is disabled and unable to work so she cannot meet any income requirements to sponsor me to come over, money we use is from what ive saved from working multiple jobs in the UK and the okish amount she receives
  2. Hello if anyone can assist me with my issue I would be very grateful. I have a friend who works in a Dave and Busters that can employ me to work for him but to do so I would need a work visa. I am from the UK and currently on my 4th trip of an ESTA which will be my last as it expires not long after I am due to return to the UK at the end of this month, what can I do to get myself a work visa and stay in the US without having to return the UK, I have a fiance and am trying to be a step dad to her 7 year old so will do anything to be able to stay. If they is any other ways to stay like marriage or anything please also let me know, I will try anything that could work
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