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  1. Good day, I’m writing this to make some inquiries about how I should go with my AOS. 1. As regards to the new form I-994 under the education & skills section, I finished college in Nigeria in 2018 So I only have with me my statement of result. Couldn’t get my certificate before coming up here, I learnt it takes 2-3 years before certificates are made available. Do I need to get a transcript or can I just attach my statement of result and explain why I don’t have my certificate yet in the provided page for additional info? 2. My medicals already expired due to the long wait to apply for AOS as a result of some unexpected problems , please how do I go about getting medical and issuance. ps: I don’t have a work permit or anything.(Been home) I’m just starting the AOS from the scratch so I need Steps & informations on very vital documents needed & how to go about it. Thanks. God Bless You!
  2. Myself and my fiancé was at the city hall Brockton to pay for our marriage license earlier today. I came into the country 3 days ago so we are trying to get everything done in time. We were told to call their number to know how soon we can get a date to get married at the city hall. Pls I’d like some advice on what next to do or probably steps to go through for the whole process. Thanks
  3. Ok. I’m traveling sometimes next week but then I’ll get to the airline desk at the airport this weekend to make any necessary enquiry. Thanks 🙏🏼
  4. I’ll be traveling from Lagos and I already have the scanned copy of the card. So now do I still need to tell my fiancé to present the card at the airline ticket desk prior to my arrival date?
  5. Thank you all for taking your time to respond to my question. I really do appreciate.
  6. Good day everyone, first I want to appreciate everyone on here who as one way or the other made my k1 visa application run smoothly. I would like to be clarified regarding buying a flight ticket. My fiancé bought my ticket online from the states using card payment, and then sent me the confirmation page via email. so I would like to know what other thing I would need to have or probably print out aside the booking confirmation page in which I need to tender during check in at the airport. Thanks.
  7. Just keep checking up ceac site at least every two days. Checking everyday can be frustrating sometimes so just try to distract yourself and check on every two days. Hopefully there would be some sort of progress in your application soon.
  8. My case moved under immigrant visa to administrative processing then moved to ready. It moved again but under nonimmigrant visa to administrative processing and then to issued.
  9. My visa was issued and ready to be picked up on the 6/08/2019. I picked up my passport and the brown envelope the next day. Thanks to everyone who took time to give informations and also share their experience here.
  10. Good day everyone, I’m here to give an update regarding my visa case. I was able to drop off my passport 22/07/2019 and on the ceac page it was updated on the 23/07/2019. I checked again on the 24/07/2019 and my case was updated and it says “Ready” but still under Immigrant visa application. From late last night to this night 25/07/2019 I have been unable to access the ceac page to check my visa status. Could this be a technical problem?
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