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  1. what dates is Nebraska processing now? is there a different timeline for IOE and LIN or same?
  2. those of you that are blessed with Nebraska and filed 129F did you have IOE #s?
  3. He isn’t a Filipino - he’s Bosnian - they will give him an ITN even though we’re just going through the IR1?
  4. question - I also made this mistake of filing single- is there a way to refile as married filing separately?
  5. Dear all, My spouse(Bosnian citizen) and I (USC) have been married for over 2 years and living in Bosnia for the past 16 months. We sent off the I-130 to the Chicago Lockbox and now I have questions in regards to the sponsorship. Some background: I moved to Saudi Arabia from the US Sept 2014 and stayed there until May 2018 for work. I filed the US taxes for all those years and was under the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. August 2018 was the last time I worked, meaning a whole year I have been unemployed. We want to minimize the time we are apart, what is the best way for us to do this? 1. If I find a US company that allows for REMOTE Work and provides a W-2, allowing me to stay in Bosnia and work remotely, would I be able to use this income? 2. If I decided to go back to Saudi or find work here in Bosnia, file taxes, would I be able to use that as proof of income for the sponsorship? 3. Do any of those taxes I filed before while working in Saudi account for anything? 4. How much can my savings account for - for the sponsorship? 5. If I have to go back to the states to work, how many months prior to the spouse's interview should I do that? How many paystubs will they need to see?
  6. To clarify, this form will contain the info of my CC and my card will be charged from their end upon receiving and processing the I130?
  7. Thank you for your reply. Can you guide me as to when I would do that? Before sending off the I130, after? What’s the website for me to pay for this?
  8. Hi all, We are ready to file that I 130 but we are living outside the US. How and where do I Pay the filing fee?
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