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  1. My main reason to try to expidite is that our son may not be able to travel in about a year or longer and he needs a different type of school. He can't go to the schools that have been offered to us. They were not a good fit for him and did more damage then help. For some kids they would be perfect but not for him.Even one of the teaches said it was heartbreak how much he suffered and there was nothing they could do for him there. They can force him into a school that does him more damage soon and I am scared. I saw what the last one did to him. He can't go to another one they keep getting further and further away. At the end of it they run out of schools and he goes to daycare instead of school here. Unteachable!! And sent to daycare for his school years!! That's his fate !! I know people with severely handicapped kids and they are in daycare and not any school. He can't stay here I don't want that for him and I won't give up on my sweet boy.
  2. Emily W we have zero support also here. When people hear the Netherlands they also think of the great health care. We pay around 300 a month for the 3 of us ( kids are free) BUT ...... where do I start lol..... We took our son to the emergency room after he fell and hit his head very hard. The doctor didn't even touch him and said to us" bring him back if he passes out" and left. I couldn't believe it. He didn't even look at his pupils NOTHING!! Wearing gloves lol they hardly ever do here. I worked in a hospital, nursing home, hospice, EMT, and was a volunteer. I know what to look for and wow this is scary at times. We are moving to Florida to be near my very close large family. I also want our little guy to spend some time with his Great Grandmother. She's amazing.... gosh you bringing up support systems made me really think of home.
  3. We would like to home school our son and here they do not allow it. He will be forced into a school that doesn't fit him at all very soon. We would like home therapy for him with guidance. He can't handle a classroom with even 3 people in it including teachers. He is very severe and I am not being dramatic. He needs quiet and he can focus a bit. All of your comments are very helpful to me and I appreciate all very much.
  4. I have looked into those.... With the domicile I have a current USA drivers licence, bank account. and I also own some land in the states. I hope that is enough for the domicile...... For sponsorship money wise I have a disability Income and assests worth more then 3 times the needed income for 3 people. I hope they accept that. I am worried about the income part.
  5. You all have brought me to tears..... I felt so alone and scared.... I was afraid to post at first but now I feel so blessed to have you guys.
  6. We both are USC and I lived most of my life in the States. Not having my husband around to help care for our son would not be possible. I am disabled due to a rare brain disorder and my husband cares for me and our son. We intended to live in The Netherlands but we now see that our son would suffer. We put him in the special school that was recommended for him. Only to see it was unsafe and find out they put him into a giant high chair with a wooden bar across the front. He was sobbing and my heart broke for him. We don't confine him and I never want that to happen to him again.
  7. Can I expedite ? We live in the Netherlands and our son has severe nonverbal Autism. It takes 2 people to care for him. His behaviours are getting worse by the day and soon he will be unable to travel. He was in school but they were unable to handle him. He used to get 4 hours of therapy a month but they stopped that also. Waiting for over a year is impossible and could get us stuck here forever. I can't just take my son to America without my husband because I am unable to care for him alone. He will stop eating and drinking if his Dad isn't around to feed him. I don't know what else to do. Help us please !! This country doesn't have what he needs and we have to get home before it's to late.....
  8. I filed in July 2019 and I hope the wait isn't going to be that long. But from what I see Nebraska is super slow. Why does it take so long to process? When I got my permit to stay in The Netherlands we filled out the paperwork and made an appointment. They looked through it and approved me. That was it!! But I see people on here wait years for a green card in America !! I am a American citizen and have been married to my Dutch husband for 7 years. Why do we need to wait forever to prove our relationship? That and the fact we have a child together should be enough. I can't go home to America for a long time because they put my application in a pile somewhere!!. It makes me sad for everyone who has to deal with the sadness and stress this causes.
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