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  1. Not sure about the address. For the spaces that won’t allow you to insert information, just write it in neatly with a pen after you print it out.
  2. Gotcha! Thanks for the input. I guess I’m just concerned because they ask for the statement from the bank saying how much has been deposited in the last year and the current balance. I’ve been breaking my back to save but can’t seem to get a break!
  3. Hello!! I’m freaking out a little and would just like to hear someone else’s thoughts on my situation. My city and home were damaged in hurricane Florence last September and I am in the projected path of hurricane Dorian now. My concern is that because of these two storms, my savings account has basically been depleted. I am a school teacher and make $41k, so I know that this is way above the minimum requirement but I am concerned that they will see that I have little money in my actual bank account. Will this be an issue? P.S. My estimated decision date is November 17 🙂
  4. Woohoo! Thank ya! I got another notification this morning saying that it had been delivered, after the one saying it was ready for pickup. So maybe that is the notification that they picked it up?
  5. I have been tracking my I-129f packet and I just got the following update: “Your item arrived at the DALLAS, TX 75266 post office at 4:03 pm on August 12, 2019 and is ready for pickup.” Is this what it usually says when it has arrived at USCIS P.O. Box? Thank you!
  6. Done! I was kind of perterved with the shape of the envelope when I got it back, so I tucked the packet into a hard folder to mail off this time 😂 Thanks for responding, the two of you! Just having someone to talk to about this process makes it a lot less stressful.
  7. Weird timing but it just got delivered to my house saying additional postage was due. Office Depot didn’t charge me enough so i’m taking straight to the post office now!
  8. Made two copies and both have original signatures! The only thing I don’t have a copy of is a passport photo of my fiancé taken in the last 30 days 😕
  9. Those were my thoughts as well. It has been very confusing trying to communicate with USPS. I am just hoping to not have to file the entire petition again.
  10. Hello all! First post here. I was planning to mail out my I-129f on August 1, but pushed it back to August 2, in order to speak with an attorney and have them look it over for me before I sent it. I was in a bit of a rush trying to send it out that day and put it all together and sent it through Office Depot. A week has passed and USPS still says “USPS waiting for package” or something along those lines. I have called both Office Depot (who say the package has been picked up) and USPS (who say if it has been picked up, it was not scanned and I will only know that it is not lost if I receive notification from the recipient). I paid for it to be delivered two days ago, so I’m hoping it has been and I will receive a text/email soon as well as the NOA1. Has anyone had a similar issue? Thank you
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