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  1. Okay I will call them. Then follow it up with email. Just want to know exactly why they're not accepting it and what I need to submit exactly.
  2. Blurry with shadows.. "Poor contrast issues can easily be corrected in Photoshop or similar programs." --> so scan it then edit via photophop?
  3. Thank you Hank_ , I've decided to fly to the place where I was born and request for LCR to request PSA to provide a clearer copy of my BC. I very much appreciate giving me NVC's number. I will also call them. Their business hours is US timezone, right? Thanks everyone!!! You're all really great !!!
  4. This is very helpful MarryMe, thank you. I've decided to fly to the town where I was born and request my local civil registrar to endorse a clearer copy to PSA since their copy is clear to start with. Hoping for the best!
  5. Hi Daisy, yes the document is in English. I do agree that it's hard to read. 96% of what is on it is hard to read. From my full name to my parents name, everything. It's how it's printed fron the Philippine Statistics Office which seems odd since the original copy from the Local City Registrar's office (where I was born) is clear enough to read. But your suggestion "..attach a translation and certification of ability to translate, along with a note explaining the issue." Anyone here have had to go through this? And has maybe tried Daisy.Chain's suggestion at all? "Translating English to English might be interesting.. but maybe you could make it clearer if it's hard to read or rephrase it a little?" --->> I've tried to scan both copies from Phil. Statistic's Office and Local City Registrar's office and put a note that they are both the same documents that support each other. But they still came back and said it's "invalid" 😕 Thanks Daisy!!
  6. Hi everyone!! A year in to our green card process & this is the first time I've chanced up in this website with a lot of great information that I could have used while preparing for everything !!! But better late than never. Anyway, I've been trying to look for topics about submitted documents that are not being accepted because they're "difficult to read" and I haven't seen any yet. Has anyone ever encountered submitting a Birth Certificate that's not being accepted by NVC (via online portal/submission) because it's "difficult to read"? I've tried to submit a clearer copy but coming from the Local City Registrar's office as opposed to the Philippine Statistics Office's copy which, I believe, is what NVC looks for and requires. And of course it came back as an "invalid" doc. My question is for anyone who's encountered this- what are the next steps, and how long it took? This is the only document left to be checked and approved for me. Look forward to some helpful information! Thanks!!!
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