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  1. I filed my AOS on May 1st, and I received the NOA email from the on 23rd yesterday. I have one problem, instead of putting the eligibility category C09, I wrote A6. Is it 100% that I will receive the whole package back as RFE. Did anyone had this experience before.
  2. They actually delivered the Package couple of hours ago to and it says that the delivery address is CHICAGO, IL 60603 which is close to the later address but not the same.what should I do. Should contact them or just wait and see?
  3. I sent the documents last Saturday and I just realized that I wrote (a) (6) on that section. Does that mean that my documents will be returned since I applied it with I-485.
  4. Hey guys. I have sent all the required forms to the USCIS on May first through USPS to Chicago Lockbox but unfortunately when I was sending it, I didn't know that Chicago Lockbox had two addresses for the delivery depending on the courier of the Package. Usps had the PO BOX Address and the rest had another address, so I sent the documents through USPS but to the other delivery address. I will attach the addresses screenshot. What do you guys think. Any one had this experience before?
  5. Hey guys, I need an advice. It has been more than 14 months since I had my K1 visa interview, I've been in administrative processing ever since, the main problem I have is the passport I applied with which was Somali passport. Somali immigrants got alot of scrutiny under Trump since it was part of the banned countries.I can apply for Ethiopian passport I have medical licensing exam which I need to take in the US which allows me to apply for Tourist visa for that purpose, but I don't think I can apply the tourist visa with my passport if the K1 process doesn't end in time. So I have the option to apply for Ethiopian passport but I don't know how that will affect my application and overall even when I get it, if I can apply a visa with my other nationality while this process is ongoing. What do you guys think? Any input is highly appreciated.
  6. Thank you, it's just nerve racking when they told me I should book a ticket as soon as possible and then when I sent them all of a sudden they are saying that my AP is ongoing and I should provide DS-5535
  7. Hi, I need advice. a little background, I had my K1 visa interview at 24/September/2019, and I received 221g after 10 days along with my passport and was told I was in AP. Fast forward, I have been in AP for over 8 months and I contacted the embassy and my fiance (usc) also contacted her governor. Then the embassy told me that my AP has completed and I should send them a new medical report. After which I got it and send it to them. After 4 days they called me and asked me I should send them my passport photo (they can't issue us visa on my passport as it not recognized by US thus they don't really need the passport) and new criminal record in the country I'm residing. And they told me that I should send it to the urgently. Next day they called me and asked me when I'm planning to travel and that I should book the ticket first and send it to them then they will issue my visa. Then after 10 days I sent them a ticket to US (28/sept flight) then I was expecting them to give me an update regarding when I will receive my Visa but all of a sudden they sent me an email which says that my AP has not really finished and that I should fill DS-5535 before they can finalize my case which came as a shock and my CEA which was refused during AP and then changed to application received during their contact became refused again today after I sent them the DS-5535 and they told me that I should wait from them. Has anyone experienced this before, I really don't know why they changed all of a sudden.
  8. I have heard that it's difficult to enter US with B1/B2 visa if you have an open petition with intent of immigration. Even if you get the visa, I heard that you may have problems at POE
  9. I'm in the same boat. I'm a medical doctor and I've had my K1 visa interview on September last year, I have been on AP ever since due to the Presidential proclamation 9645. My plan was to participate in this match cycle and get my CS exam in Chicago around August this year. I've seen earlier discussions in this thread that the exemption in this EO about Healthcare professionals is not solely specific to single visa category but there's no evidence about that as they mainly specified work related to Covid. Although most of the people agree that K1 is most likely not affected due to it being NIV, I have sent an inquiry to the embassy and I will be sharing with their reply. I'm worried about the effect this might have as I've already been on AP for more than 6 months.
  10. It’s been 4 months bro, I think the problem is due to the restrictions of our country because they just put me on AP without asking for anything
  11. Still waiting, they didn’t give me any update yet Did you get any update from them
  12. I had my K1 visa interview in Ankara on 24 September and they took my passport during the interview and told me to wait from them since I'm from Somalia, they told me that they'll apply a waiver for me and that I should wait, I've received my passport back on 10 October along with a 221g paper which doesn't state any additional file, they only ticked the administrative processing column and my status is AP. What are my chances since they returned my passport back. If anyone had this kinda experience would appreciate to share with me
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