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  1. I just got married recently and we haven't started any CR1 process yet, in the middle of doing so. She will becoming here end of August, she got issued an ESTA visa last year before the COVID-19 started. I'm from Nebraska, recently my state was added to their list and haven't really got straight answers. I called multiple of government agencies, basically giving me another number to call another department which I called previously. She will be flying in Illinois, Chicago, but with the new rule of people entering to Chicago(If I were to pick her up). Will I get fined doing so? I don't know if these orders are only for people who are from Chicago or including quarantine like staying there more than 24 hours. I just want to make sure when she fly's into Chicago, she won't have any problems going by train(Amtrack) to get to Omaha, Nebraska. I don't know what she'll go through like more screening at the gates etc? just want to prepare for the unexpected, thank you. https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-cb-coronavirus-chicago-self-quarantine-rules-to-know-20200729-rzt3x7jj5fbsxi2ewq4oxvgs5i-story.html
  2. I was reading the CR1 guidelines, can't find if it needs to be translated in English, but I am sure it needs to have a Apostille for double verification. I only read the marriage certification needs to be translated, but what about the birth certificate and Citizenship?
  3. I just got married a few days ago in Rome, she is an Italian but we will soon process the CR1 visa. I want my spouse come visit me for a month or so. She got an ESTA visa last year and she said it's good for two years. Now with the Corona Virus, esta suspended? But I read spouses are exempted from the Ban? She is worried she cannot visit me in August or September, turned back at the gate. What shall we do so she visit me under the corona virus suspending visas? I figured she can come here on a Esta or tourist visa, she shows her marriage certificate as proof and allowed visit me for a month.
  4. I'm a medically retired veteran, I depend on my disability income and BAH(I go to college full time) to pay the bills. Does that income count for the requirement? I read there is an income requirement of $21k to $33k? It mentioned assets too. I own two cars, and a house.
  5. My fiancee and I were planning to get married on the 28th of March, then the Covid 19 struck and my flight was cancelled. I've been listening to the news regarding if there was going to be an extension of suspension of flights, but it ended on the 13th of April. I do know from what my fiancee told me, she said Italy is still in lock down till the 3rd of May. I'm just trying to find good sources of when I'm able to fly back to Italy or least to Rome. The CR1/1130 already takes a year or more process to do. This is becoming very stressful for both of us, if anyone can help inform me on the best course of action, I appreciate it.
  6. I plan to marry my fiancée in Italy late March. We plan to have her come to the US for a month, reside at my place after we're married and her concerned is traveling to the US when we haven't started the CR1 yet. How do we go about what type visa for her able to travel to the US? We will be married, but will start the CR1 soon right after. Does she provide publication and marriage certificates? we don't know how long this takes to acquire. To the point: Can my fiancée/wife travel to the US on a tourist visa? or what type of visa would be best appropriate for our scenario?
  7. Ok, I was getting at if she came her to get married on a tourist visa was fraud, but it's only if she stays passed her 90 days. Thank you for that insight, we might actually do that.
  8. So, the only issue is if she stays in the US after getting married on a tourist visa? It won't be any problem if we get married in US on a tourist visa and she goes back to Italy, applying for her green card through CR1?
  9. So, basically avoid K3 all together. Just stick to CR1 once we get married in Italy. The thing is my fiancee are just trying to get married, and atto notorio is difficult in Italy. Can she just come to US on a tourist visa and we get married then she goes back to her own country, and we apply for a green card from there?
  10. Can my fiancee and I get married on a tourist visa? then she goes back, and then she applies for the green card in her country? It's just I'm going to Italy, and it seems acquiring an Atto Notorio is going to be quite difficult.
  11. So, I don't need to file 129, just 130 if I am doing CR1? If I applied for K3, 129 and 130 is both applied? I plan to marry my fiancee in her country.
  12. The process is quite confusing. Do you need to send in your 129 with your 130? but I thought 129 was for fiancee visa to get married in US? Then there is K3 and CR1, aren't they mean the same thing? I just read 129 is just an option to be sent in so your significant other can come and live with you?
  13. My fiancee and I are debating which is the best route to take. The only thing she is concerned with is a K1 Visa is that she can't go back to her home country until the green card is processed, which I heard takes up to a year. If there is a family emergency or she has personal work for her job, she is self employed related, she may need to go back to Italy from time to time. Applying for the Advance Parole, who knows how long that takes in case of an emergency. We're debating to process the K1 visa anyways, and still try to attempt to get married in Italy. I just heard it voids the K1, and process starts all over with the K3 which converts into a CR-1? Myself being a veterans does it help with any other process? the only thing I see it benefits it proves I lived in Italy for the duration when I met her. So, if we do get married in Italy, and start the process for K3/CR-1 she can't enter the country until it's approved or she can still come to the U.S on a tourist visa? just seems CR-1 is the best choice because in a way gets straight to the point, the green card and applying for permanent residency.
  14. I just have some questions regarding the K1 Visa. I was in the U.S Army, stationed in Italy, thus how I met my fiancee. It doesn't specificity on self employment? I just became a Real Estate Agent and still doing their academy of the agency I'm with. She is also a lawyer. As for myself, I go to college full time(9/11 GI Bill) and collect VA disability as my primary source of income at the moment. Here is my questions if anyone can help I would be appreciate it because I don't want this to be rejected just answering something wrong. I was reading I need to fill out a financial support affidavit, I-134? or is that only for the interview or I send it in as an attachment with the K1 Visa? What do I put down for my address in Italy? All I have is my APO mailing address when I was stationed in Vicenza, we just had the barracks. U.S Army doesn't really have a specific address as employment? Regarding parents, my mother passed away in 2016 but doesn't really specific that it just ask for their place of residency? The section under "Part 1" it just employment start and end but regarding what job though? Thank you for any help.
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