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  1. I see you cleared your timeline? What happened with your process?

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    2. Vv & Snow

      Vv & Snow

      Wow, sorry to hear that! I was following your timeline and actually modeled your decision to do the I129F for my husband (that was a pretty controversial strand). I really valued your feedback. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully a speedy approval. 


      Thanks for your contributions! 

    3. TE and AE

      TE and AE

      Thank you for your kind words. There are several on the Facebook group with a spreadsheet running with dates submitted etc. yes controversial is an understatement. The last straw was when the guy told me I just should prepare for the interview and not worry about insignificant details. He’s a Texan and although others may not have realized he was talking down to me.  It was essentially saying be a good little wife and mind your own business. You have nothing of value to offer. I was very offended. And I was very offended by the moderator who didn’t seem to get how bad TBone’s comment was. 

    4. Vv & Snow

      Vv & Snow

      Yikes, that seemed to slip past me too. But I was mainly scrolling to find legit answers and ignoring all the bickering that took away from the purpose of the conversation... I think all that noise should just be deleted from all the strands personally. But in any case, it’s always the poor few that ruin it for the bunch. Trying to get as much info as I can from this site and looking into Texas Service groups on Facebook. Thanks for the tip!

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