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    ~Nini~ got a reaction from cjh11 in Yes, you can visit!   
    I visited my fiance in PA while we were waiting for our application to be approved. I brought along a letter from my employer stating that I was on holidays for the length of the trip, a copy of my schedule for the upcoming summer semester, and a printout of my itinerary.
    At pre-clearance customs in YVR the officer asked me why I was visiting the US, and I told him that I was visiting my fiance. He asked if I had a return ticket, asked to see my itinerary, and then asked me a few questions about my fiance. He cracked a joke about "how I had it made" (this was after I told him what my fiance did for a living) and I laughed, then he told me to have a good trip and sent me through.
    Nerve-wracking, but easy!
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    ~Nini~ got a reaction from kwala in Why my post said "moved"?   
    Usually topics that are not in the proper forum are "moved" to the correct one, so that's probably why your post was relocated.
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