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  1. Hey Boris Farange US girls not good enough for ya? 😂 Speaking of US girls, just got back from visiting mine! What a wild week it has been! We are so ready to just get married and get on with our lives, this week seemed liked minutes. And so much pressure from her mum, she wants MORE grandchildren haha! I dunno how I feel about that, her two kids are already a handful and I think they're still very wary around me. Anyway I had a little incident at the border that about made me wet my trousers. We decided I should start moving as much of my stuff to her apartment as I could, so this was the first trip. Lot of books, a bunch of my clothes I don't wear much, a kettle because I have two (long story) and some chicken netting! Chicken netting you ask? Well see, Deb and I have had this dream, mostly Deb but I'm totally into it now, where we eventually want to have a duck farm. It's a long way off, but I do a lot of reading and really think I'm getting to be an expert in the duck biz before I've even held a duck in my hands lol. Anyway I found a guy on CL that was just giving a roll of chicken netting away and I thought it would be good to hold onto it for the future Quacking Paddock, the name her mum came up with. So I get to the border and the US border guard asked me what it was for. Oh man I get so nervous and I thought if I told him about the duck farm, it wouldn't look good for when we need to adjust status. So I told him I was helping a friend build a chicken coop. He didn't ask any more about it, and I don't think they did anything to my passport but I'm not sure I think he might have made a note. Does this mean I have some kind of permenant record now? I had about three suitcases of clothes too and he asked how long I was staying, so I told him I was giving most of those clothes to my friend. Anyway it was really sad to have to come back and I go back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately we didn't make any decisions on how to do our journey, but we both agree we really want to be together right now! She is even starting to look at dresses and venues. 😓
  2. Hi Going through thanks for the clarification. Yeah we definitely are only just thinking about all the different options and don't have any intent yet to do anything. I definitely will not be getting married this trip, just going down for a quick visit, make our announcement and spend some much needed time together. We plan on talking over all of our options while we're together. We tried talking on Skype about it all, but we get distracted and things are always hectic at her place. We plan on taking the kiddos to her mum's for the weekend so we can just spend time together and really focus on us and what our plans are and what our strategies for having me make the big move are. It's why I keep doing so much research because I know she's going to have lots of questions and I want to make sure I know most of the answers. Or at least I will know where to find them. So mostly just an "us time" visit, no time to get married, maybe another trip, who knows!
  3. Hey Laylalex thank you for all your insight and congratulations on your engagement! Man, there's no feeling like it in the world to know you're going to share the rest of your life with that person. We are very lucky people. What a roller coaster ride you have been through too. This will be my first time but my fiancee (so strange to type that!!!) has gone through some pretty hard times too. I hope I'm the guy to change all that, fingers crossed! Thank you for your advice on my letter question, finally an answer I can use! Everyone has been so helpful in this post but thank you for answering my question! You make some very good points. I guess I just really over-think things a lot. Here I am thinking about the future "proof" that I will need, when actually I should be thinking of the here and now. We're meeting her mom next week to break the big news when I go down and it would break their hearts if I got turned away because I was over-thinking things. And I guess I said something wrong (sorry guys!) bc we're not close to filing yet. To make it clearer were just looking at our options of K1 or CR1 or adjusting status. We haven't decided yet and still collecting info. We might get a lawyer too. I think I can do the paperwork and maybe just have him look over everything to make sure it gets done right and also to help me make sure we don't make mistakes. But anyway we decided this morning before your answer that she will mail a letter to me today explaining our situation and I will bring it across with me and show it at the booth. But I think what I will do now is just have the letter in case it seems like I will need it. If they need it, I will have it. I don't know why I stress out about these things. Sometimes the easiest solution is right in front of your face, and that is my first advice to this group from a noob. :)
  4. Oh yeah I don't want to commit fraud or anything like that, I just like to think about all my options maybe sometimes just a little too much and a little too long and I heard about adjusting status. I'm a natural worrier and all this is just all sorts of way out of my wheel house. So don't worry I'm just thinking out loud as they say. I didn't mean we got "officially engaged" like we went to an engagement courthouse or anything hah! Just saying it's official to us which is all that matters when you're in love. I'm a sap, sorry! I really did keep the receipt though, Deb thought I was a nut job but that just shows you how much in my head I get, because I feel like we've gotta keep everything now just in case! Anyway I still don't know if I need a letter when I cross the border next week and I don't know what letters of intent are but I'll read up more. I guess I'll have her write a letter anyway because it's better to have one and not need it. Thank you for all your answers HRQX and Jorgedig. I guess I have a lot more reading to do.
  5. Thank you X Factor! Sorry it took me so long to say thanks, I've been kinda busy figuring all this out!
  6. Hiya all, silly question here that you old-timers probably know already, but here is my situation. We've been engaged over a month now but because we both have pretty busy lives this is the first time I'm heading back down to the US for a visit. Since we are now "officially" engaged (yay!) I figure that our paper trail is starting to get important and all. Heck we even kept the diner receipt from my proposal for proof! Long story short I was thinking should I bring a letter from her explaining our situation that we are engaged now for the border crossing? I don't know if it matters but we haven't decided if we should do K1 or CR1 or just "adjust status." I have been doing a lot of reading but don't know yet. Thanks in advance! Oh if a letter is recommended, could it be email or should it be hand written and posted to me first? I suppose hand written I could show the canceled stamp for proof.
  7. Thank you, it's all very overwhelming right now but I'm sure we'll be experts in no time. For sure not rushing into things, slow and steady wins the race.
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Been lurking a few months, I thought I should finally post something since I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. We haven't filed yet, still trying to figure out how we want to do this thing but we're pretty committed now. Anyway hello!
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