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  1. I am a US citizen trying to bring my wife to the States. She lived in China for 2 years, but has been living back home in Ghana for the last 5 years. The US Embassy in Ghana requested a Police Certificate or Certificate of No Criminal Convictions from her, from China, before they can grant her the Visa. She had her Spouse Visa Interview 3 months ago. How do we go on about getting this document??? We looked everywhere and cannot find any useful information. From what I understand, you need to either be in China or appoint someone you know in China to obtain these Police Certificates. They also have online agencies that claim they can obtain these Police Certificates for a huge fee, and some of them look like they could be scams. When my wife was in China, she lived in “Weifang” and “Shenyang.” Any advice, links, or directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the insight! Could you send me the link for the China Regional Forum please?!? I am new here, so do not know where to find it. Thanks!
  3. Unfortunately my wife said that she pretty much lost all her contacts in China since she left, because it has been 5 years since she left... and I have never even been there myself. You would think that in 2019 they should have an easier and more streamlined way of getting these kinds of documents. As you said, you either need to be in China or know someone in China who can get these documents. They do have these online agencies that say they can do it, but they are ridiculously expensive (for one thing), plus I have to research on how good they are before we just go for it...
  4. Thank you very much for the suggestions, I appreciate that. I have looked into those 2 a bit... One is crazy expensive and apparently the other one only covers you if you had a residence permit in Beijing. They like to make it very hard...
  5. Hello, well thank you very much for your detailed reply... I really appreciate that. They certainly like to make this difficult and confusing, and costly! In 2019 you would think that they should have a simpler and more streamlined process of getting these. Anyway, thanks for the agency links... I already looked at visainchina.com, but will take a look at the other one.
  6. My wife is from Ghana, I am from the USA, and I want to bring her home. She recently had her Spouse Visa Interview and was told she needs to obtain a Police Report or Certificate of No Criminal Convictions, from China, before they can issue her the USA Visa. She lived in China 5 years ago, but has been back in Ghana ever since. We found no useful information online, on how to obtain this Police Report, and from what I understand you can only get this Police Report if you are in China or if you know someone in China who can get it on your behalf. My wife no longer has contacts in China. Is there another way around this?!? What can we do? We are stuck on what to do. Any useful tips will be greatly appreciated.
  7. My wife used to live in Weifang and Shenyang. It would be great if you could find something! This situation has us stuck right now...
  8. What agencies are those? We searched all over the internet and there are no clear-cut answers, and on some of the websites where they say they can get this Police Report seem like they could be scams... There has to be something legitimate out there that will not break the bank... I know other people have had to go through this before, so there has to be a way (besides going to China). This is all very irritating!
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