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  1. Brill, thank you for the info! I’ll give them a ring if I don’t hear within a week or so :) Love this forum, everyone’s so helpful!!
  2. I’m glad this is happening to other people haha, I received my interview date before notice of the EAD…and then the EAD/AP approval notice arrived. We got the EAD/AP card today - I’m confused about the social security number though. We checked the box for “requires SSN” when filling out the EAD application but have not yet received the SSN. Is this normal? Will it be sent separately or do we still have to go to the SS Office to get it sorted out? If anyone can advise I’d be very grateful, sorry to hijack someone else’s topic! That’s unbelievably quick if your interview has already been scheduled!! If it’s just the notice to say “ready to be scheduled” the others are right, it may still be a bit of a wait. My status said “ready to be scheduled” from March until a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Damn :S Hopefully there’s still time for her to receive the SSN before the K1 expires, don’t lose hope! And yeah all these systems are massively convoluted, I mean they don’t even have a “proper status” for people waiting for the Green Card which can take literal years? So we’re just “technically allowed to be here”, like people caught in a crack for god knows how long, it’s bonkers. I don’t think Covid has technically “passed”, there are still plenty of countries suffering and also some variants we should probably continue to safeguard against just in case they mutate beyond the scope of the vaccine, but I’d guess the reason they have appointments and security is because they figured out that system works in their favour and they don’t want to relinquish those benefits just because things are “going back to normal”. A lot of places realised that the lockdown systems in place work far better for them as a company - I have friends whose office essentially shut down because productivity went up so much while people were working from home that they were like “well we’d save money not having to rent a building, stay home everyone!”. Regardless of convenience for everyone else, if it works for them they’re always going to do that over customer service.
  4. That makes me feel a little bit better 🥺 but I’m ever so sorry to hear about that for you, you’d think 8 weeks would be enough!! I was able to get a bank account at least without an SSN! We set up a joint and a solo account and all I had to do was provide an address and my ID, we did it after the 90 days had expired as well. Might be worth going and speaking to the bank the citizen out of the two of you belongs to and seeing if they allow it (if you haven’t already!).
  5. Sorry, I missed what you said at the top of your post, thank you! I’ve already waited 8 months so I f I can get EAD/AP in the next 2 months that would be a huge boost!
  6. Thank you SO much oh my gosh, that’s really helpful! It’s looking like the Green Card is between 12 and 17 months so as expected I’ve got a while to wait still probably, but that’s okay. There was an option for the EAD form too but they just have service centres rather than a specific LFO - I’m assuming mine is California and that’s looking like it could be between 7 and 14 months which at the worst could mean another 6 months before I get the EAD…not ideal but it’s great to have a better idea of what to expect! You’re a star, thank you for the information! Jon thank you so much too!! I’ve been really confused about this, this is extremely good news that I could do this if I wanted to, but my concern is that I literally do not know how to drive and I can’t seem to work out if I need a learner’s permit to actually practice driving in order to get comfortable to take my road test. It /seems/ like CA requires a learner’s permit even for adults to be on the road, but it doesn’t seem like you can get a permit without an SSN…but the fact that you can apply for a LICENCE without “proof of legal presence” surely means you can get a permit as well? This has made me all the more determined to go and speak to the DMV to figure this out, Google can only take you so far sometimes. Thank you so much for your help and welcome to California! I hope you and your wife are settled in well!
  7. Hi all, I’m a K1>AOS applicant. We submitted the whole package (I-495, EAD, Advance Parole) on October 1st 2020, biometrics were done on Feb 17th this year. Checking the status on the web portal, the EAD just says “fingerprints were taken” and the AOS says that as of March 9th I am “ready to be scheduled for an interview” but obvs we’ve heard nothing since. I’m guessing a lot of us are in a similar boat here? Assuming Covid has created an enormous backlog of cases for the poor buggers at USCIS to process and so even EAD is going to take a lot longer to process than normal? It says “6-8 months” generally but it’s already been 8 and there has been no update on the portal since Feb. Can anyone in the know tell me if they noticed any change in the online portal status update between “fingerprints accepted” and the EAD arriving? And I’m assuming the interview backlog is enormous so it’ll probably be a lot longer before I get my interview scheduled, right? I guess I don’t really have any other questions other than looking to console with other people still in limbo! I was a full moron and didn’t get my SSN sorted while my K1 was valid, partly because my husband was on tour and it escaped our notice that we COULD, and now he’s going on tour again at the end of the year and I can’t drive so I’m starting to get a little anxious that I’ll still be SSN-less and jobless by the time he goes away. My own stupid fault but we also couldn’t have predicted a pandemic getting in the way! Best wishes to anyone reading ❤️
  8. I don’t have an SSN (through my own stupidity not realising you can apply for one while your K1 is valid), and I had to go through a health insurance agent for Covered California to get health insurance because I was really struggling to get a provider to help me without one. I was able to through Kaiser, although it is very expensive as even though it was a CC agent who helped me, you can’t get any discounts or assistance as an immigrant. So you do not NEED an SSN to apply for AOS (and if you apply for the work authorisation there’s a section where you can request one) but you do kind of need health insurance in order to fill out the new form to prove you aren’t going to be a public liability. They also request a credit report but I just had to write a supplemental letter stating that none of the credit report companies would even send me a letter stating they can’t get a report for me without an SSN. We only managed to submit last week despite getting married in January because of how much difficulty we had with getting everything for this new form. Nightmare.
  9. Goodness me thank you so much for the information!! I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to have an answer for this, that’s really helpful! Bummer about the several weeks but if that’s what has to be done then so be it - not as if any further delay makes much difference the way things are right now! I had an email from member services at Experian which said they can’t help me but if I “ask for my credit report” over the phone it automatically produces a letter to say there is no report...but when I called they asked for my SSN and when I said I didn’t have one they said “there’s nothing we can do to help you” which is nice isn’t it 🙄 Mail is probably our best option! Thank you so much!
  10. I think that may be the only option for both issues to be honest. I literally spoke to USCIS today and they were like “hmm it’s a pretty new form so uh...” IF EVEN THEY DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER WHAT THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO LMAO! I‘ve read online that being an “applicant for LPR” makes you eligible to access the healthcare marketplace so I went on Covered CA today but because I don’t have a social security number they couldn’t verify my identity and neither could Experian. I’m going to call Covered CA tomorrow when they’re open and try talking to them but I feel like we’re going to hit the “no SSN” wall again. In that case, we’re just going to write addendums to the credit and health insurance questions and hope that because the forms will be dealt with by a human and not a computer, they will understand. It’s their own systems that are holding us back from being able to do things the way they want, it’s utterly baffling, and hopefully they will show some leniency. It’s all we can hope for!
  11. Honestly I am also looking for an answer to this question Samantha! The form seems to ask if you have insurance and if not whether you intend to “sign up soon”, I was just going to check that box and deal with the health insurance as the next step once all this was applied for. I don’t leave the house (partly bc of Covid, partly because I don’t drive and have no reason to) and I do almost nothing that would put me at risk of injury (besides cooking and showering I guess) so I have just been maybe too cavalier about getting insurance, knowing it is going to be complicated and very difficult. We spoke to Kevin’s health insurance provider for advice but it wasn’t clear.
  12. Hi all, post-K1 AOS applicant here. We have been trying to fill out I-944 but got completely stumped at the credit question. I do not have an SSN (circumstances prevented me from being able to get the application in prior to the wedding/90 days being up) and I don’t have a credit card. The question asks for either your credit report if you have a credit score, or evidence that you do not have a credit score if you don’t...however without an SSN I have no idea how to prove that I don’t have credit. Experian won’t help me, they told me it wasn’t possible for them to provide anything to anyone without an SSN including a letter. I even called the USCIS themselves and explained my situation and even THEY didn’t have an answer for me. They advised me to speak to a lawyer but if they can’t answer my question and this form is so new, I’m sceptical about whether a lawyer could help (plus it would cost a lot, I don’t think I am eligible for pro-bono assistance, and I am scared of wasting money). Has anyone else been in this situation and could tell me what they did? (please do not chastise me or tell me “you should have got an SSN when you had the chance”, I’m very aware of the mistakes that have lead to my present situation, we’re all just doing our best here. Last time I asked a question on here I felt like I got jumped on so apologies for being a little defensive, I just wondered if anyone might have experienced this themselves)
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