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  1. Hello, please did they send you an official letter by post after they emailed the interview date?( I mean did they send a hard copy of the letter by post to the principal applicant?)

  2. At my hubby interview he wasn’t asked for them but he took them with him anyways just in case because you never know what officer you’ll get. So you’ll want to take them and go with all the proofs.
  3. Good morning, I’m late here but my hubby got approved last week at his Interview. 💜 -Ghana Embassy
  4. My Hubby Just got Approved at his Interview 🙌🏽🙌🏽💜❤️ Ghana Embassy #ThankGod
  5. @dwheels76 I personally appreciate everything you’ve done to help with this process & without you a lot of people wouldn’t know the things we know now. Don’t let irrelevants and negativity get to you. Bless Up 🙏🏽 Much Love ❤️💜💙✨🙌🏽
  6. I’m sorry I wasn’t responding to you.. but since you just got DQ just give it time.
  7. You misunderstood what i was saying. I’m talking about the embassies send out IL once a month & each Embassy is different. You can’t put all them in one boat. Plus IL are going to be going all month but they are from different embassies 😑🤦🏽‍♀️.
  8. Well that’s you & from what I’ve been seeing since i started this process that’s how it’s been going .. to each it’s own🤷🏽‍♀️. We can agree to disagree .. 😊 Have a Blessed Day ‼️
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