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    Fernthony reacted to Alv in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    If you logon to your USCIS account (https://myaccount.uscis.gov/) you will find a history trace under documents with all the mailings that have been sent to your address..
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    Fernthony got a reaction from S&J2013 in Good news with recent IOE receipt number I130 petitioner   
    Are we sure that it's all still in the same queue? I haven't seen any specific or particular confirmation either way. Wouldn't it be possible that they've moved to having basically 2 simultaneous queues until the paper petitions run out? Basically move to having a small group of people work on ONLY the scanned petitions while the majority of their workers are still doing the paper ones, and eventually having larger portions of the workforce going at the scanned ones as they totally phase out the old system? It would give them a chance to ease into the new system so it's not a shock when all of a sudden the paper petitions run out and everybody has to switch to the new system all at once. Some more transparency from USCIS would certainly be nice, but that's going to be hard to get.
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    Fernthony got a reaction from S&J2013 in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    According to VJ, my I-130 should be approved between Dec 20 and Jan 24 at Potomac, and my PD is the last day of July, so any other July filers with Potomac should likely see approval right near the end of the year. This is all assuming that the IOE receipt numbers aren't still faster than others, which I'm beginning to lean towards. Seems like we've been readded to the stack of paper filers. No more pilot program expediting for us!
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    Fernthony reacted to Honeybun in Interview today.   
    I  received the notification this morning regarding the production of the card! ❤️
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    Fernthony reacted to Cathi in Interview today.   
    I don't intend to sound harsh because I've had miscarriages of my own in the past, but giving proof that you had a miscarriage proves nothing other than the fact that you had sex. 
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    Fernthony reacted to ASSM in Good news with recent IOE receipt number I130 petitioner   
    You're right it's better not to put any hopes.
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    Fernthony reacted to Toyenfad in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    Thank God, we received our daughter NOA1 today. Glory be to God. 
    Priority date  7/22/19
    Potomac service center.
    Waiting for the next step by His grace. 
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    Fernthony got a reaction from KrishnaRadha in Spouse Visa Court Marriage Ceremony After   
    The second option is actually exactly what my wife and I are doing. We did a legal marriage back in May, then we completed our paperwork and filed our petition last month. We're planning our ceremony for mid 2020. Our reasoning for going this route is mostly due to cost and wanting to get her to the states. It was easier for us to afford the ceremony after 2 years from the engagement, but we wanted to bring ourselves together sooner, so we decided to get married a year sooner, begin the immigration process, and then do the celebratory ceremony later. I don't think there should be any problems with doing this. I would also recommend beginning to work on your paperwork before you go and get married, if you want to bring your spouse here sooner. If you are a busy person, the paperwork can take time to get done, and having it mostly ready by the time you get married can help you file sooner than you otherwise would. I made the mistake of waiting until after, and it took me just under 2 months to finish everything.
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    Fernthony reacted to Nitas_man in Adjustment of status from Tourist Visa   
    Sometimes these weird threads make me wonder if wannabe government deep state types troll this site
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    Fernthony reacted to Boiler in Adjustment of status from Tourist Visa   
    You can visit whilst waiting.
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    Fernthony reacted to missileman in Adjustment of status from Tourist Visa   
    Who told you this? 
    No....you heard wrong........you can not enter the US via a tourist visa with the intent to adjust status.....that is visa fraud, and it can result in severe consequences........there are no short cuts........most of us have endured separation.........Time frame from filing to visa in hand is 12-14 months........good luck.
    EDIT:  It is against the terms of service of this web site to discuss illegal immigration activities....
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    Fernthony reacted to S&J2013 in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    I would post this as a separate question so more people can see it rather than just us in July 
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    Fernthony reacted to Jmeleecur in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    Based on your initial question it sounded like you were inquiring about the length for the whole process. If you look at processing time on USCIS website it appears there are comparable time frames for the i-130 for citizen or permanent residents. But the permanent resident petioned application will have to wait longer for a visa to be issued.
    Here is information on the visas
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    Fernthony reacted to Jmeleecur in Good news with recent IOE receipt number I130 petitioner   
    Odd, I wonder if that was one of their initial kinks in the system for these applications. Mine has listed a case status since I created the account, so seems as thought they've worked that out.🤞
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    Fernthony reacted to Rexxx in Good news with recent IOE receipt number I130 petitioner   
    Thank you for your kind words,
    but no, I dont really have any way to keep up to the case, I would  say keep calling the USCIS..that's what I did, they are the only who can tell you the most up to date status of your case.
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    Fernthony got a reaction from Mimi@25 in U.S Citizen vs Permanent resident priority   
    All you have to do is fill in all previous names and attach documentation for those name changes. My wife had a different name at birth, then changed it when she was young. After we got married, she registered her prior last name to her new middle name (didn't have a middle name before that), and then changed her last name to my last name. All we did was note all name changes and then include her name change documents, including translations obviously. It's only a small hassle, but not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
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    Fernthony got a reaction from Jmeleecur in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    Well, I just got my text today, and from the USCIS website (haven't gotten my paper copy yet), it appears as though my official receipt date is August 2, and my number is IOE, so it appears it's either the new norm or we're all just getting "lucky" to be in the new system lol.
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