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  1. Thank you for all of your input, It's very helpful. We have decided for me not to visit again, after all this time we can wait another month. We have lots of evidence from our Skype calls that we have gathered together, screenshots of us on video together, call logs etc. along with many Facebook posts declaring our love for each other ❤️ . From what I have read on VJ and from several comments on this thread, I feel confident now that this will be sufficient. As per Chris BR, I think they understand that people have to work and vacation is not an unlimited resource for many people, especially in the US. I only get two weeks vacation every year and I will need some of that time for when we get married, and when my fiance first arrives we want to spend some well earned time together. Thanks again for all of the input, and good luck to all going through this marathon of a process .
  2. My fiancé has her interview on September 5th. I’ve been out to see her 3 times last year but the last visit was at Christmas. So it will be 8 months since we were last together. I don’t get much vacation time from work so I’ve been saving my vacation for when she gets to the US. We are on Skype 24/7 so we have plenty of screen shots for evidence of ongoing relationship. Will it reflect negatively on us at the interview that we haven’t physically been together for so long? I still have time for a visit before the interview if necessary. Should I squeeze in a visit to avoid any issues at the interview?
  3. Thanks, but I have already been through all of the links and none of them mention a 2nd i-134 for K2.
  4. So Part 3 item 26a, I should put the childs name? your response earlier was " With the I-129f you did not actually submit petitions for the children".
  5. Thanks knome, My fiance will be having her interview at Manila. I wasn't aware that I would need a separate i-134 for my fiance's son... looks like I'll need to do a little research on the Manila requirements.
  6. Thanks for your help Hank..so if I understand correctly...I will need to fill out a separate i-134 for my fiances son, and in that form I will also answer Part 3 item 26a with my fiance's details only...correct? or will a copy of the one for my fiance suffice? Yes, I read about part 3 item 38 on here yesterday. I left it blank and added comments at the end according to Greenbaom's instruction on another post, but thanks for the heads up. I have one more question if I may...I went to the bank today to ask for a letter detailing the requirements laid out in the i-134 instructions regarding evidence of income. The bank was only able to provide me with a statement that shows the account opening date, the current balance and the average balance of the the last year. The instructions ask specifically for the total amount deposited for the past year. My searches on VJ show that quite a few others have had the same problem but with no real solid answers on what the right thing to do is. Should I just print off my last 12 months bank statements? I don't really feel great about them knowing the last time I went to McDonald's for lunch an the likes but I don't really know what else to do. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your quick response to my last message.
  7. Hi, I have the same question regarding part 3 question 26a...did you just put your fiance there or did you also list her child? thank you.
  8. Thanks for the links. They were all very helpful. Much appreciated.
  9. Thank you for the PDF, this is very helpful. Are you able to point me in the right direction for thread or document which contains a concise list of items that would need to be gathered for the interview?
  10. It's an agonizing wait I know, but hang in there!!....I know exactly how you feel, but don't worry...it's coming soon!!!
  11. Sorry too excited I got the dates wrong... NOA1: March 7 NOA2: June 19
  12. Yessssss! NOA2 approved this morning. Can't express how happy we are. NOA1: March 7 NOA2: March 19 For those of you still waiting, keep strong and endure the wait. At times, we felt like this moment will never come but it's here! Your turn will come. Good luck everyone. 🙂
  13. Also hoping for news this week...NOA1 for us was March 7th...biting nails right now haha...good luck!
  14. Congrats!! NOA1 was March 7th...still waiting. I'm hopeful for NOA2 news this week!
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