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  1. For those who live nearby any pick up location, it will be also Xpress service via Canada Post for the non-premium delivery. I picked up my passport in the morning of 18th in Toronto. My interview was on 16th.
  2. Our interview(2 children 2 adults) was scheduled at 8AM, and we arrived around 7:20AM. We were the third group in the line. Surprisingly, there were not many group/ppl for IV interview by the time we left around 8:30AM The questions were more like to verify the info on the system rather than to grill. Finally, we got the verbal approval! Thank you all for sharing your experiences and info!
  3. Did anyone bring an infant for an interview? I saw no beverage & food allowed, and even no strollers at U.S consulate in Montreal. How did you manage?
  4. Thank God. I just received the interview date, July 16th. Congrats to all who got the emails from NVC finally!
  5. Hi, I am new to VJ, and just found this post. This was really helpful as I am also one of those very looking forward to seeing an interview scheduled. I got the last email stating all docs received from NVC on Feb/27 2019 with EB2. Looking at all replies, I guess I can expect another follow up email in either June or July. I will keep it posted. Thanks!
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