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    Been with my Indonesian wife for two years , married for one year on July 1 2019.
    My parents are both 80, mom has dementia and father has Parkinson’s......what does this have to do with anything? Besides seeing the Statue of Liberty, The golden state bridge and my neck of the woods ...my wife would like to meet my parents who weren’t healthy enough to attend our wedding. My parents want to meet my wife that makes their son so happy.

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Letter from my parents , they are both 80 !


Your explanation is completely understood.,
We studied the email you got from the consulate and YES, ... it is very clear that the applicant is the one that must established proof that they will return.
You  are right, The fact that she  has family here in the states and the fact that you have a job, makes it look like she has no reason to return.
Also, the age of her daughter etc... etc... we understand.
Please tell Veronica that, even though  we have never met her, she is now part of our family.  And we will try to do everything that we can.
to make her feel welcome, and loved. 
We have never met her, but we can hear and feel, how happy she makes you.
And that alone, gives us enough reason  to love her.
Please tell her, that she is is my daughter , and whether or not she meets me today, tomorrow, or next year, 
She is my daughter and she is Phyl"s daughter.
Please tell her, that we are confident, things will change for the better.
She will come here with you.
Veronica, Please do not be sad..
This is not the end, this is only the beginning.
We wish that we could do more to help and we will continue to talk to all of the people we know, in the legal immigration system.
And try to come up with a plan for you. 
Maybe, it would be better for you to apply for an immigrant Visa and Not just a Tourist Visa. 
We are not sure,  that it will change anything, but you and Gerry should talk about it. 
The Statue of Liberty will be there for you, That much, I can promise.
And Please dont worry, I am taking care of myself and working out, and eating the right way, 
and listening to my wife, and I promise you , that I will still be here, when you come to visit.
Dont worry, Try to stay positive, and keep smiling.
Take care of my son and I am sure that he will take care of you.
You are now a team, and a team must do things together, in order to win. 'You guys will win....
Take care.
We love you both, 
Dad and Phyl 


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