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    Been with my Indonesian wife for two years , married for one year on July 1 2019.
    My parents are both 80, mom has dementia and father has Parkinson’s......what does this have to do with anything? Besides seeing the Statue of Liberty, The golden state bridge and my neck of the woods ...my wife would like to meet my parents who weren’t healthy enough to attend our wedding. My parents want to meet my wife that makes their son so happy.

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  1. Thank you everyone for your answering all my questions, I just got done getting my 2nd KITAS here in Indo and now starting our 3rd attempt for my wife’s visa,so glad this group exists because it can get a bit confusing for us.
  2. based on all the facts I have given do we stand a chance? If i show all divorce decree's , get a co sponsor, have a job in USA, and have a physical address? I did file Bankruptcy a few years ago as well, my credit is average, I started to build it after my BK. with her being denied twice already for her tourist visa, they proved that my ties were stronger there for the both of us, so we are wanting to go the cr1 route now. Should We wait until we are married for a full 2 years? would that help? We both just want to have a good life together and being denied again would not be good. One person agreed that filing before October wouldn't make a difference. Does everyone agree to this?
  3. @Luckycuds not looking to cut any corners or withhold any information that they already have, that would be foolish. thank you for info.
  4. @lemonslice nothing for this year so far. I am not able to work here yet. That will hopefully change next week.
  5. I am actually still employed by a company in the USA. A roofing company. I can show income for 2017, and 2018. I can not show any for this year yet due to there not being any significant hail storms in the USA. I am sponsored by my wife here in Indonesia and can not work here yet. My goal was to go back and forth with her for work but she was denied (you can read about this on my old post). Between the denial and the no hail storm I decided to stay here and continue to work on a online business which hasn't made profit yet. My boss will write a letter if needed to prove I am still employed but I am a commission only salesman with company truck. Do I still need to get a Co-sponsor? I know I have a lot of questions , that is what this site is for. The first two denials were traumatic for my wife so we are planning this next attempt at a visa even more carefully. My wife can prove she will still be making money while in the USA to so how do we show that? Her business will continue to run and thrive as it does now without us here in Bali.
  6. I will finish my petition today, at what point will they ask me for my divorce decree's? I was married 3 times before, my first wife disappeared and I filed dissolution of marriage, second one didn't even last a week, we filed dissolution or annulment, first two happened when I was still in college in the 90's... Id have to dig these two up somehow online because I am living in Bali currently. I do however have my last divorce decree with me because we needed that to get married here in Bali. Do I really have to mention the first two? I know for a fact they were both discharged. Anybody know some good online sources to obtain old divorce decree's. There are tons on google but some are BS.
  7. i guess i am avoiding it if it's not on the application yet?
  8. I was asking if I should file asap because we definitely do not need any more barriers to get through like the final public charge rule that goes into effect this October. Lets say I send off all my paperwork before September, will my application still be filtered by this ? As far as income, I still have a job and enough income to last for a few more years. I am sure Ill have new income rolling in soon as well. Does anyone know if there is a minimum amount that has to be in bank account or any other documents? I know they will check to see if I ever collected welfare / food stamps, a credit check, see if i ever filed BK....so to avoid all this, do I have enough time to file before October . Originally I was going to wait until we were married at least 2 years, travel to other places to get more visa stamps on her passport. Also my wife has a pretty good income herself so don't they do a combined income or consider her wealth? She makes a good living actually. Or will they ignore that just to make it more difficult putting all responsibility on me the petitioner? So again, to avoid all this, if we sent all paperwork and paid for everything could we avoid less headache
  9. @Unlockable Thank you, I know I'll have more questions but one came up as I was filling out the I-30. They ask how many times I was married. Does it matter how many times I was married , who I was married to, and how long I was married when it comes to approving my wife for entry?
  10. Facts The last time I was on here was regarding the denial of two tourist visas for my wife to visit my Country the good ol' USA. My wife is Indonesian , we are both in our mid 40's , we married July 1st 2018. Our original intent for applying for the tourist visa was for my wife to accompany me during work, see my family , see the statue of liberty, shop, and site see for 4 to 6 months before we both returned to USA. On my last post this community determined that I had more ties in America than In Indonesia, the consulate automatically assumes every tourist visa applicant has intent to overstay their visa and never return to their home. No need to discuss tourist visas anymore because we recently decided that moving o the USA would be ..... A. a better choice for our future. B. a better chance of having her visa approved if we applied for cr1. C. we are tired of getting denied by reapplying for tourist visa. so we are moving on. Originally I stated I had a job in Colorado , A place to live which is partially true but only temporary. A friend lets me keep a room in his house indefinitely but my wife can not stay there , only me. I no longer have a current job, I am a seasonal salesman, a roofing salesman, which means I only make money if it hails which it didn't this year. Due to a hip injury I am currently seeking work outside the USA closer to Indonesia but could have my job back at any time in USA> I have a mother and father in the USA who are both 80 yrs old, one has Parkinson's the other has dementia. My wife would like to meet both asap. Neither of us want my wife to lose her rights in Indonesia so she will try her hardest to keep her residency in Indonesia, but for now we are saying " we just want to move to the USA''. If for some reason she needs to fly back and forth in the future , we will but neither of us want her to lose her rights as a Indonesian, especially for owning land or buying a house which is our 2 year goal. Facts about Wife : She is the owner of a event organizing business She has a daughter who is 26 years old and helps manage the company she has had the same place of residence in Bali for 15 years She does not own any properties as of yet. owns a car has her whole family in Indonesia I am just trying to state everythig down here so i can get the most accurate help. I believe every situation is different so I really don't want to read a old thread. So today marks the official new date of our new CR1 visa journey, Aug 13th 2019. Questions I Have 1. Is trump really passing or has already passed new immigrant visa regulations that will come into effect this October of 2019 making it even harder for my wife to come to America? 2. Is the cr1 the best route to getting into the USA for Visit or to live for my wife. 3. Does it really take a year to get approved? 4. Would it be faster if I apply for her from the USA. 5. Should I and where do I register our marriage online for the USA, we are already registered in Indonesia and I filled out and paid the intent to marry thing at the US embassy prior to marriage. 6. Should I fill out the I-30 form asap ? 7. Since I am not earning money at the moment will we have problems with getting her approved? Is there a minimum income I have to have? Or is it joint now that we are married? 8. Am I missing any other important questions? 9. Can we hire someone for this process to help with paperwork? or is it easy to do? 10. should we get a lawyer and what is normal price ? should we hire in Indonesia or USA? Any help will be much appreciated and I will keep posting and updating here until this process is finished. Gerry
  11. @Nitas_man what happened after that? Did you apply for a 3rd time for tourist visa or go for green card ? Did you stay in Indonesia ? Is there anything else I should look out for?
  12. Just wanted to share this letter sent the same day my wife was denied again from my dad who turns 80 in 6 days. We had hoped to give him good news , that my wife was approved for her tourist visa and we were on our way to see him right after his 80th Birthday. His shaking is getting pretty bad from Parkinson’s. Your explanation is completely understood., We studied the email you got from the consulate and YES, ... it is very clear that the applicant is the one that must established proof that they will return. You are right, The fact that she has family here in the states and the fact that you have a job, makes it look like she has no reason to return. Also, the age of her daughter etc... etc... we understand. Please tell Veronica that, even though we have never met her, she is now part of our family. And we will try to do everything that we can. to make her feel welcome, and loved. We have never met her, but we can hear and feel, how happy she makes you. And that alone, gives us enough reason to love her. Please tell her, that she is is my daughter , and whether or not she meets me today, tomorrow, or next year, She is my daughter and she is Phyl"s daughter. Please tell her, that we are confident, things will change for the better. She will come here with you. Veronica, Please do not be sad.. This is not the end, this is only the beginning. We wish that we could do more to help and we will continue to talk to all of the people we know, in the legal immigration system. And try to come up with a plan for you. Maybe, it would be better for you to apply for an immigrant Visa and Not just a Tourist Visa. We are not sure, that it will change anything, but you and G should talk about it. The Statue of Liberty will be there for you, That much, I can promise. And Please dont worry, I am taking care of myself and working out, and eating the right way, and listening to my wife, and I promise you , that I will still be here, when you come to visit. Dont worry, Try to stay positive, and keep smiling. Take care of G , and I am sure that he will take care of you. You are now a team, and a team must do things together, in order to win. 'You guys will win.... Take care. We love you both, Dad and Phyl
  13. @geowrian yes I know the government is just doing their job.... just wishful thinking for my own situation. I want to to thank everyone again who has contributed to my post whether it be a fact or opinion... good or bad .... it has helped me to get my head out of the fog and have a deeper understanding of what Path we should take. I will update this story on my website as well as here. I will also post my vlog on YouTube in a couple of days filming this event in case you want to put a face with this story. I’ll post a link to the video later. thanks again ! Gerry & Veronica
  14. So many people with dreams about moving to the USA ..... a lot decide to come right back.. right now the State of California has more people moving out then in!
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