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  1. Thank you for your responses! We are at the embassy stage and have a co-sponsor for the I-134. Our interview is in July and the she will arrive likely in August/september immediately after i start working. I will take the full responsibility during the I-864/AOS stage. Is having the income and residence immediately before her arrival and throughout the AOS process okay?
  2. Greetings, I am a petitioner preparing to bring my fiancee into the U.S.. I just graduated and am now starting work and getting an apartment. Is there any specified period of time that is required for me to have a sufficient income and an independent place of residence? If i only just start making enough money and having a place when she arrives, will it pose a problem with submitting the I-864 affidavit of support, or with the interview later on?
  3. Hey thanks for the responses! So im aware that the form isnt legally binding, i found the proof in writing in "INS 212". But i was never able to find how long the form is valid for. because there is still a moral obligation meaning that my co-sponsor could still hypothetically be sued by a non government entity, or my fiancee at some point. I need to give him written proof that the form is invalid after either the 90 days, after the adjustment of status is filed with the I-864, or is completely safe from being sued from anyone.
  4. Hello, Me and my fiancee are scheduling the interview at the Consulate in Rio (Brazil). Regarding a Joint Sponsor filing a I-134, what is the time in which a I-134 for the purpose of a K1 non-immigrant visa valid? Does the validity expire after the 90 days in which myself and my fiancee get married and file for Adjustment of Status? Does the I-864 supersede the I-134 making the I-134 invalid? Also, when does the I-134 become effective?
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