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  1. got the GC few days ago. heres the timeline Dec 18 - Docs Mailed Dec 27, 2018 - Priority Date Dec 31 - Checks cashed Jan 11 - Biometrics Done June 10 - Expedite EAD Request Sent - Faxed all docs June 11 - Case is ready to be scheduled for interview June 13 - Interview is scheduled July 15 - EAD approved July 19 - EAD received in mail July 23 - Interview July 24 - Green Card Approved July 30 - Green Card received for Chicago 7 months from a B2. not bad.
  2. How did you meet. Thats literally it. No evidence was asked either.
  3. @Lebanese23 we got approved this past wednesday, we were right behind you
  4. My apologies if this is the wrong forum, but where are the green cards sent from? which state?
  5. which request trumps which? the friday request at SSA negates the initial one with 765? or what
  6. Hi guys - when my wife applied for EAD/AP she ticked the SSN box so it will be sent to her from the SSA office to avoid visit. She got her combo card last Friday and no sign of the SSA card. We decided to go straight to the SSA office on Friday (its only 15mins away) and request one. We submitted the form, they took all the necessary info and told us we will have it within 2 weeks. Now what should we expect? 2 different cards? or same card? if 2 diff cards which number to use?
  7. Had the interview yesterday in Chicago. He asked to see no proof. Verbally recommended for approval. No online status change yet.
  8. 5 weeks since interview is scheduled. youll get the paper next week.
  9. sure there is a temporary printout if you need the SSN right away.
  10. Hi guys, my wife just got her EAD/AP combo approved, on the 765 form we checked for the SSN to be mailed to us as well however we have been seeing people getting the SSN a few weeks after the combo card. For the sake of saving time, can we go to the SSA office and get a temporary SSN card or such?
  11. Is getting the 551 stamp looked down upon if you're approved on the spot and have travel arrangements close to interview date? Its not urgent travel (not an emergency) rather a birthday of a family member in Canada that I want my wife to make. thoughts?
  12. we did an expedite for the EAD/AP that (maybe..) made them open up our file. because literally after i sent all the docs for expedite the following day we had movement on our 485 (interview ready to be scheduled)... and 2 days later interview scheduled.. no idea if it had anything to do with EAD/AP expedite.. but judging by the case tracker app. A LOT of people are now getting interviews scheduled from December.
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