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  1. Yes she has completed 6 years on GC and have no restrictions to file N400. She has got multiple job offers now so we were wondering about NJ and Chicago. I do know they are far off places as I have lived and worked with Fortune 10 companies in both places
  2. Thanks a lot to all. Got so many questions answered in such a small time. I wish I had known this before, we wasted so much time already in our application. Any suggestions for a good lawyer in Chicago / NJ area for my case please?
  3. Sorry I missed informing that my wife has GC for 6 years now, so the Naturalization won't take many years. Does that help?
  4. Thanks for replying missileman. Can you please elaborate on the best options for me to unite back with my spouse. Asking as I did not find any dependent visa for GC holders as they have for H1 (H4) and L1s (L2). Regards.
  5. Hi group, I have been to US multiple times on L1 and recently on H1b visas. I am now married to a US GC spouse and have read online about EAD, I-130, Naturalization etc etc. I found that none of the sites covers the questions I have for my case. Here is my case and my queries - 1. I was working in US on H1b till Jan 2019 when I and my GF decided to get married in India in Jan 2019. We were suppose to travel back to US but unfortunately due to change in my organization, I have lost my client job. 2. We waited for sometime expecting my employer to resolve the situation but it did not happened. Since my wife's 6 months outside US were about to get over, she has traveled back to US this week. 3. I will like to know what next steps should I take to reach US and start working again. Queries - A. Can I travel to US on visitor visa, apply and receive a EAD and start working? B. If my wife applies for my GC process, can I get an EAD while living in India? C. Couple of sites suggested that it will be faster if my wife applies for citizenship - it is still take 1 year. I will like to know if there is a faster way? Thanks a lot in advance.
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