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  1. I hope this helps so many people. Husband went to his interview and we had not filed taxes yet. The only thing they asked for was 2017 transcripts. If I had know that’s what they wanted I would have done long ago! Be grateful they are asking at NVC status! Signed... still waiting for husband!
  2. Question Lagos NG - interview is scheduled for 8/2019. Taxes for 2018 we’re provided to the National Visa Center along with assets. I have read that folks are needing to bring their transcripts with them to the interview for 2018. I have filed an extension for 2018 for my taxes not to be officially filed they have been provided however by a CPA. So what should be brought to the interview.
  3. I 134? What’s that for? I don’t see any difference in the form from I 130. Can I not just provide three years transcripts for 2000 1516 and 17 and then a copy of the tax extension for 2018?
  4. What if a tax extension has been filed and assets are being used to qualify in leu of income
  5. Why did you go to interview without taxes for 2018
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