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  1. Do I need to call the NVC every week ? I am getting mixed views if the calls help to push the review of the my case
  2. 1) Is it normal for NVC to ask for Marriage certificate when you sponsor parents ? 2) Under the state department website my Country of Origin doesn't issue a police certificate. Is it OK to mark unavailable ? Should I explain why under comment ?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I just do not understand what is the logic for asking my marriage certificate. I am currently divorced. Do you think still I need to upload it.
  4. I am not sure why you need to upload W2 ? There is no requirement for that. It says federal income tax or transcript.
  5. I am sponsoring my parents and my case was transferred to the NVC. under civil documents, There is a requirements for : 1) Pettioner's Marriage certificate 2) Pettioner's Birth Certificate ... Do I need to upload those documents ?
  6. Just paid the AOS and the IV Nov 16th. Waiting to upload documents. Does anyone knows how long will take to schedule an interview the US embassy in Saudi Arabia ?
  7. Thanks Swadesfan for your response. I updated my time line and did receive the NVC email today. I logged in and I see the payment information. My mother suppose to schedule for an interview in Saudi Arabia . Any one with experience with the US embassy in Saudi Arabia time line ?
  8. Thanks .. Then after creating the case and going over the NVC process until interview. Is it fast process if I have all the papers ready ? How long will take to schedule interview ?
  9. I received notification from USCIS that my I-130 for my parents transferred to NVC. It has been 3 weeks no words on any other step. How long will take before I hear from NVC ?
  10. Not this time , I called my lawyer and she said the Average is 8months
  11. I filed October and Nothing yet .. I know people from August and still waiting !
  12. Timeline just changed to August it was in September just few days ago 😥
  13. USCIS timeline 6.5 to 8 months is a complete joke ! the average become 8-12 months !
  14. Did Anyone got a response for I-130 October 2018 for Parents ? The USCIS is increasing waiting time in their website for some reason.
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