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  1. Everyone is getting 24month extension. reused finger prints, they had prints from you before so they reused it. now it’s to wait.
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your contributions, I have been reading and taking notes. I'm kind of worried about the evidence part, maybe I'm overthinking. I am the US Citz. Besides the obv, tax returns, ID and credit card statements. We have no children, fertility issues with me. We bought a home, the title is in both our names, the loan is in my name only. We have a tenant, and my husband is listed as the landlord on the lease. Property and school taxes are in both names. Joint Bank account with our names, no money in it since we used it all for house savings. 80% of my paycheck goes into his account for bills, and whatnot. We're all on my health insurance, and I'm his beneficiary on his life insurance. Phone bill is in my name, on a family plan. Car note and insurance is in his name, I don't have a driver's license. I came into the marriage with one child, so did he. My child lives with us, she's ours now. Our child school records have him as emergency contact.. We have 2019 Thanksgiving pics, and some home parties in 2020, nothing happened because ya know, COVID. Ugh I'm so anxious about this, anything else I maybe missing? Please be nice, my nerves are a wreck.
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