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    RTimo reacted to isamanda in Scandinavians Part 2   
    Routine visa services at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm remain suspended due to COVID-19.  If you have a life or death emergency and require visa services from January 18 to February 5, please email us at stockholmniv@state.gov for assistance.

    What does it mean they are not processing CR1?
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    RTimo got a reaction from Voilet in status update   
    Hello guys
    its been 8 days since my husband's case status changed from refused to ready. when I emailed the embassy yesterday asking them if his visa is issued because I can't check his status, they emailed me back saying this case is still being reviewed as a part of the administrative processing. I don't understand. why would they change it to ready if its still in AP?
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    RTimo reacted to Lovepeace0303 in status update   
    I had a similar situation occur! My husband’s status was “issued” and then it went to “ready” on ceac today. Is this normal? 
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    RTimo reacted to Loren Y in status update   
    It bounces around after the interview quite a bit. From ready to adminstrative processing, to ready to who knows what. You are waiting for it to say issued, then you are Good.
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    RTimo reacted to Crazy Cat in status update   
    I'm not sure....but the status you want is "Issued".
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    RTimo reacted to Mike E in CEAC is down   
    It is normal for ceac to be down.  With the 24th now a federal holiday it is going to be a while.  
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    RTimo reacted to Hawaii1 in CEAC is down   
    Yes, same with me....
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    RTimo reacted to H8393 in CEAC is down   
    Yeah, same here
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    RTimo reacted to JeanneAdil in refused to ready   
    Updates have always been poor 
    but since this covid ####### they don't make sense 
    use to be "ready" was ready for interview 
    and there was AP,   denied and issued
    now,  whoever does the data entry is going back and forth and "refused" doesn't mean refused but means in limbo
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    RTimo reacted to PaulaCJohnny in visa is ready   
    They are not normally given the beneficiary any packet. Everything is online, so the US Border agent will get everything here in the US ready to receive your husband. 
    The ready is ready to take some action. The visa is just 100% ok when you see ISSUED. 
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    RTimo reacted to NancyNguyen in visa is ready   
    It has to be "ISSUED" but keep your faith up. They are doing electronic documents now so they might send you the passport and some welcome brochures.
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    RTimo reacted to Dashinka in Administrative processing   
    Could be additional background checks.  What country is he from?
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    RTimo reacted to G.B.M in administrative processing   
    Please don't be hopeless. But do not wait and watch their Administrative Processing. It will take very long time as I am waiting almost a year from a Muslim country and 13 time update including today on my case still in refuse status 2 time medical and police clearance submitted after my interview. On July they were asking for my passport and police clearance, medical which I submitted and still they are updating on my case. After a year you may be push forward your case by submitting mandamus which my lawyer is getting ready for that. 
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    RTimo reacted to Letspaintcookies in administrative processing   
    Months up to years to be honest. Hope for the best but expect the worst.
    No need to worry about the refused status, that's just the wording. Basically the IO needs to make a decision at the interview day. This can be either approved or refused. Since the IO can't approve without the finished background checks it's refused till it's resolved but that doesn't mean denied ( it would say denied if that would be the case not refused ). It will update everytime somebody touches the case even if the status doesn't change.
    Maybe you can find a topic with people from other MENA countries, that will probably help you more then the Scandinavian subforum.
    I'm so sorry for blowing your Saturday 🙈🙈
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    RTimo reacted to JeanneAdil in 212 F   
    AP will be extensive while the embassy completes the security check and considers to waive the Ban on Syria citizenship
    there have been a few posts on immigration from Syrian nationals and would be helpful to read those experiences 
    incha allah
    hope for the best for you both
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    RTimo reacted to designguy in 212 F   
    Anywhere from a few days to a few years
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    RTimo reacted to Ellxtdan in Scandinavians Part 2   
    My husband had his passport sent to the ICA near his home in Gothenburg. It took two days after the visa was issued. (Issued on the 2nd, ICA had it on the 4th)
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    RTimo reacted to LilyJ in Scandinavians Part 2   
    For us it took 5 days, but my husband also lives in Denmark so it had to be shipped a bit farther
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    RTimo reacted to Scandi in Scandinavians Part 2   
    This was back in 2016, my status said issued on September 6 and I received a note in my mailbox on September 7 that my passport was ready for pickup at my local Kassaservice. So only about 24 hours, super fast. 
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    RTimo got a reaction from swelove in Scandinavians Part 2   
    I will share when my husband gets the visa because the first officer took all the affidavit of supports documents but gave him back the proof of my income. Ive been seeing emails since Friday but they still did not respond back
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    RTimo reacted to swmfly in Scandinavians Part 2   
    The interview is for the applicant.
    I suppose you could ask the Embassy whether it's possible for a spouse to attend... 
    I am the petitioner and while I was present at the Embassy for my husband's interview, I remained outside.
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    RTimo reacted to OrihimeandIchigo in Scandinavians Part 2   
    How exciting from what I've seen on here its pretty standard now and you should be getting a interview appointment soon  
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    RTimo got a reaction from OrihimeandIchigo in Scandinavians Part 2   
    I just received an email from the NVC. They are telling me that they are cancelling my husband's appointment but they never gave us an appointment. that's weird. what does it mean? they are saying that they will schedule one as soon as possible.
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    RTimo reacted to Jon & Ygritte in Scandinavians Part 2   
    You'll be getting an interview appointment very soon. Read earlier in this thread. Normal modus operandi presently.
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    RTimo reacted to LilyJ in Scandinavians Part 2   
    Did you apply for an expedite? That is common with those, either way don’t worry they will schedule you soon 
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