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  1. Everything but the cert, you couldn't make out the names. I called to complain and they asked me what my tracking number was and didn't even apologize. 😥 So I left them a scathing email and warned my friends against using them. New copies are on their way from Virginia to Texas thankfully. I appreciate your response! It helped me to feel less stressed.
  2. Oh gosh I hope so. This wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Thank you very much!
  3. So my CR1 immigrant visa appointment in Montreal is in 5 days and while preparing our documents my husband FedEx'ed me the certified copy of our marriage certificate, affidavits of support, etc. Unfortunately for some reason even though it rained for 20 hours straight the day it was delivered, the delivery person put our envelope of documents in a green fabric bag and left it on my driveway. The marriage certificate was ruined, the rest of the documents stained green. Everything was in one of those waxy waterproof envelopes with "do not bend" stamps and everything. The legible documents I blow-dried and made unwarped copies of, but the certificate was completely illegible. It was our only certified copy. We ordered a new one but I'm already in Montreal staying at a hotel, and I'm pretty concerned it won't make it here in time. To make matters worse, Facebook deleted all our communications before 2016 (5 years worth if contact) so we don't have much evidence of relationship early on besides me being on military orders and paperwork listing me as a dependant and a few photos. So from anyone knowledgeable's personal opinion... how screwed am I? What should I do now? Thanks for any insight.
  4. I have had multiple loved ones in the US offer to supply me with affidavits of support for my approaching visa interview since my husband is currently between jobs. Since I'm in Canada and they aren't, we were all wondering if it's acceptable to have the documents they provide me with scanned and emailed to me for me to print out, or whether I need the physical original signed pages express mailed to me. If anyone has an opinion on this I'd be delighted to hear it.
  5. Thank you very much for this response. I'm going to continue persuing the xrays but that puts me at ease somewhat.
  6. That's the medical appointment I mentioned above. Many online checklists say I should BRING xrays to the appointment. Attaching a screenshot for reference.
  7. So my medical appointment is approaching, and my interview is a little more than a week after it. I've been gathering everything on checklists and I've been getting the run around figuring out where I can get all my chest xrays. I called Alberta Health Cervices and they gave me some numbers to call but nobody is answering. Does anyone here know: Do I need every xray I've received throughout my entire life? Who do I contact in Alberta to get them? How long does it typically take? Thanks for any insight. Hopefully I'm looking for answers in the right places.
  8. Kept

    Medical & Interview

    I'm working at WEM right now, living in Parkland County. Great to see someone so close going through the process. I have been wondering the exact same thing, my interview is in July and I'm deciding on a best course of action for medicals.
  9. I do think it is fully booked but I can't speak to what the dates are being used for, every forum says that is very normal for Montreal not to have dates as it's the only place in Canada where these interviews are being done. I don't think it would have made a difference as to whether I was rescheduling since it was my first time trying to get an interview at the montreal consulate. When I went to the website where I scheduled my appointment or checked for availability the phone number was at the bottom so that we have the ability to call as an alternative to booking online, but unfortunately I can't see it anymore since my appointment has been scheduled. My understanding is that the contact info provided existed only for scheduling appointments, no matter who I spoke to about how long it may be or tried to get information from they wouldn't say anything. They just explained there were no dates at this time and to check back every day since it could be updated hourly. My general understanding is that when the NVC is scheduling it it's just a waiting game, and that there is no way to get information on wait times or to press for an interview. Some of the forums on this site make the suggestion that it's based on luck when we schedule ourselves, but the general consensus is that Montreal has an unbelievable backlog. I think having the appointment scheduled for you is the ideal scenario since you WILL eventually be given an appointment without checking a webpage every hour and without being disappointed/scared you might have missed something like I have been. From what I remember, waiting for an interview in Rome to be scheduled for me was a lot less painful than my attempts at scheduling every few hours for the last several months.
  10. My appointment is on July 5th, it was the only available date I'd seen since February actually or I'd have nabbed one sooner. I don't really know how often the list of available dates gets updated, the people I've spoken to on the phones told me it can update hourly. I just checked the little calendar as often as possible while I wasn't at work or sleeping (almost to an obsessive degree). I'm not sure if doing that even helped me or not, but I was given so little information it put me at ease.
  11. I initially applied overseas while my husband was stationed in Italy. Our case was expedited and we were scheduled an appointment in Rome in 2017, but weren't able to attend as my husband was medically discharged after a knee injury and they were returning us to the states on short fuse orders. I waited most of 2018 for our case to be sent to the Montreal consulate. Once they received it on November 1st, they instead of providing me with a date, asked me to schedule my own online. I actually scheduled my visa interview appointment date yesterday morning (FINALLY!!!)
  12. I don't want to lie (even by omission) and will take a combination of NikLR and Missileman's advice. I am a full-disclosure, obsessive, makes back-up plans for my back-up plans kind of girl. I have people in mind for cosponsors if we ultimately need, I have no doubt he will find a job before we schedule an interview. I've been waiting since November 1st for an interview date, I've checked the website every day and there is still no indication that there will suddenly be availabilities so there is time to get my ducks in a row. I was just concerned the actual loss of job at this point just before an interview (no matter how brief it will be) would make him ineligible to sponsor me, or that I would have to immediately report to someone about the job loss, or that him collecting unemployment would ruin my chances. No I-864s have been submitted by me as of yet so we will fill them out again when an appointment is scheduled. Maybe appointment dates won't be posted for another 6 months yet or something, and if he doesn't get a new job quickly I will absolutely take steps toward getting a co-sponsor. I want to do everything right and not have any chance of being turned away.
  13. I guess I don't understand and require clarification, is the I-864 only needed from the cosponsor at that point? We can easily get one but my husband's tax return would remain the same with or without... Do I really not have to notify anyone of these changes until the interview? Does filing for unemployment not matter to the person who interviews me?
  14. I understand- we are pretty concerned about submitting the I 864 since it will be an accurate portrayal of the most recent tax year but not the current situation. We do NOT want to lie or give misinformation but we also do not want to wait until 2020 to have an interview. He has been working as an emergency dispatch manager until today, we are hoping he will find a new employer quickly. My husband would like to avoid having a co-sponsor unless it is necessary. We will not submit inaccurate information at the interview but we are wondering if we have to update anyone about our change of situation right now (like calling and explaining what happened, or refiling anything). His address will change as well since he moved out of state for the job he was working, and has no reason to stay. I need to know what I have to do now, and what could be cause for rejection at the interview when they go over everything such as filing for unemployment or anything.
  15. So a few minutes ago my husband (and sponsor) was let go from his job. We are at the stage where we've been prompted to schedule an appointment with the consulate in Montreal and are checking every day for availabilities. I'm wondering how this might effect my case at this late stage, what to expect, and advice on any actions I should take. Any insight is appreciated. I looked through the old posts and could not find any where applicants were at this stage (maybe they're hidden, maybe I am not good at navigating this website yet??).
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