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  1. Thankyou so much. Had a little meltdown at the hotel with my fiancé as he’s visiting. Glad to know it can be resolved with a short delay
  2. Having a bit of a panic, I’m currently in London for my interview tomorrow morning. I’ve just realised I need a long form birth certificate and all I have is the short one. What can I expect tomorrow?..
  3. So when I go for my K1 medical should I ask them for that form so I have it already confirming my vaccinations?
  4. Hello! I've been doing some research on AOS prior to filing. Can someone clarify what this means on the I-693 form? "I authorize the release of any information from any and all of my records that USCIS may need to determine my eligibility for the immigration benefit I seek." Thanks
  5. Hello! I'm just wanting to clarify a few things before our interview in a few weeks. With the I-134, we are using a co sponsor. Am I correct in assuming both my fiancé and co-sponsor fill out separate forms and both provide documentary evidence. In addition, is the IRS tax transcript and documents from bank on deposits and date account opened enough? I've noted the medical and interview both require ACCRO. Do we need two copies or is one ok? Thanks
  6. I’ve scoured online and always thought it is possible to book your medical followed by your interview the following day. It says on the embassy website you can even schedule it after the interview which surprised me! I realise it causes delays, usually around 5 days for Knightsbridge to post it? I’m wondering now how much it would delay me getting my visa by if we do it this way (providing there’s no issues)
  7. Hello! I was just wondering, is it possible to have the medical at Knightsbridge and interview the following day at the US embassy in London. I realise it causes delays I just want to confirm it can be done. Also, providing everything is fine document wise, does anyone have any idea generally what the delay would be?
  8. I'm about to call Knightsbridge this morning however noted people recommend different numbers to call. Can anyone recommend the best up-to-date one?
  9. Hello! I just wondered if anyone has any tips on how best to book medical/interview to get them one day after another. I know this isn't the best way to go about things, however I live up in Newcastle and don't want to have to do the trip to London twice! Thanks
  10. Oh blimey! I did wonder that but didn't want to risk it. I think I filled out the employment history page 5 times due to errors with the website before it eventually allowed me to save! I'll just take both confirmation pages just to be on the safe side. Should this be ok?
  11. Thankyou! The website was very temperamental and it totally skipped a page on my employment history. I didn't realise this until I looked online. I've created a brand new one and ensured the page was filled in (it actually did the same thing and skipped it!). Am I right in thinking I take both confirmation pages and this should be ok?
  12. Hello! Probably a bit of a stupid question. Do you get an approval/rejection by email for the DS-160 before interview?
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