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  1. Do you people get off on being rude? What is your problem?
  2. They were married during 2018 correct? There is an exception the first year of marriage if they have never lived together. The second year if married the entire year yes they need to file as married.
  3. It will not affect your interview most people who are not together yet file as single for 2018. You haven't lived together yet. For 2019 she needs to file as married filing jointly or separately. Good luck!! The embassy isn't worried about your filing status.
  4. I was asking sarcastically but ok. Your right there are some states you would have to file as head of household if you have dependents. Yes if you have legally never lived together and still dont by the end of the year it is considered legally separated and you can file as single. I'm not going to argue with anyone.
  5. I have a Masters and Bachelors in accounting and do taxes for a living. Just a question if your spouse is not in the USA how will you get a ss number without filing a w7?
  6. If you are living apart in another country it is allowed to file as single not married. If you choose to file married world-wide income needs to be reported and you would need to file a w7 for a TIN.
  7. ???? I'm not guaranteeing or selling anything. I have talked to others and helped others with the K3 since June 2019 and all have gotten approved quickly.
  8. Look at my timeline and Lis Xyooj both did k3. I can give you others also. The K3 can process your i130 within three months.
  9. It does currently work I have helped several people who have gotten approved within the last two months. What happens is k3 gets denied and i130 gets approved. Mine was approved on June 25th 2019. HAS NOT DIED THAT IS OLD INFORMATION!
  10. I went through Nebraska it took 130 days. Just file a i129/k3 you will be approved faster than if you expedited. If you do the i130 first the i129f is free.
  11. Good luck I heard with the Tunisia embassy you need to make sure police record is less than 30 days. I know if you go to the us embassy in Tunisia website it will show you what documents are needed.
  12. I know I read it on the Visa statistics page how many people interviewed versus how many people applied. I was worried at first too because it seemed liked not many people were getting approved. I even sent an email to the embassy asking them about the reasons for the denied visas. I was told by the embassy they recently denied a person because he had several petitions over the years with five different US women. Another denied because the petitioner did not make enough income for support. The main reason there aren't many k1 out of Tunisia is because its against the law there to have sex before marriage. I think most people would rather get married than wait!!
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