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    FS18 got a reaction from simplykay in US Consulate Islamabad AP update   
    Please do not worry we were also in AP for 14 months. We were interviewed in Feb 2018. After interview they send  an questionnaire for my husband by e-mail same day. Our timeline was as below:
    My category was F3
    Interview date: 8th Feb 2018
    Remedical email received on April 11 2019.
    Oath and finger print was on 27th May 2019
    Visas issued on 24th June 2019.
    So please have faith God is Great. Try to enjoy your time in Pakistan. May God be with you all. I always pray for this group I know it's we never like waiting time but always get excellent after waiting. Be happy.
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    FS18 got a reaction from paki-guy in US Consulate Islamabad AP update   
    Thank you. My details are :
    Interview date: 8/2/18
    Same day rececived DS5535 for my husband.
    Remedical and other docs mail received on 11/4/19.
    We send all things on 11/5/19.
    Finger print and oath mail received on 23/5/19 scheduled on 29/5/19. 
    No intetview VO said today we will take only finger print and oath. They do not want anything from us. No DS 5535. She gave us 221g marked with additional administrative processing.  She also said it will not take much time as soon as your visa will be ready we will inform you.
    There was only one thing that my husband take back.his passport for some amendment. We told them. On finger print time they also take back my husband's passport. 
    Once again thank you
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