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  1. I am not asking for such advice, merely responding that it was not our intent to do so. If we were to marry and just keep doing visits to one another would there be a point where we would qualify for something without requiring sponsorship. Edit: How do their assets count, does their income count towards sponsorship though they would lose job when they moved, or saved money?
  2. I honestly am unsure for my mothers taxes. We had considered hiding her here, but the penalty of never being able to come to us again, and possible criminal charges is to big a price. Is there an option for a non joint sponsor, or does sponsor need to be able to cover the detriment I offer towards sponsorship of partner?
  3. My mother receives 2300 a month from ssi or ssa forgot which and a pension from boeing all together, but has extensive medical fees and doesn't qualify to pay taxes so she adamantly refuses to file. When my mother passes the property does pass to me, but that is not something I'd hope for, and hopefully far off. We are planning to be meeting this summer with a month visit here, then a month visit there in fall, and a 90 ish day visit in spring, which we would make final decisions during. Currently we just video chat most of day everyday. We are both legally able to marry.
  4. My partner and I are both unemployed. I am a citizen of US and she of Norway. My mother is willing to sponsor, but my mother does not file income taxes and neither do I, but she owns a house valued at $230,000. We are both trans women (born male) and have been together online for over a year and are going to begin visiting each other beginning in summer. The whole immigration process scares both of us, and gives us an existential fear that we wont be able to be together due to our situations. I would seek employment if I could however I am 24 hour nurse for my disabled mother. What are our options to get past affidavit of support, and the easiest visa type for us to qualify for. At the moment considering if I will need to beg estranged relatives that reject me for being trans to sponsor my partner in the future. Also as a point of clarification, we do not intend to leech off the government. Once she lives with me, she can care for my mother while I work or vise versa. Before I became m mothers nurse I used to earn enough to qualify to sponsor, but that was 8 years ago.
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