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  1. A lot of states are opening up for oath ceremony but with the restrictions of no guests allowed. What do you guys think about not having any guests at your oath ceremony?
  2. A lot of states are opening up for oath ceremony but with the restrictions of no guests allowed. What do you guys think about not having any guests at your oath ceremony? (Let me know your thoughts)
  3. On Thursday May 14th I received an email from my field office in SLC, UT that they scheduled my oath ceremony and today I received an email from USCIS (egov.uscis) that they mailed my oath ceremony. No document is showing on USCIS.gov account yet. Hopefully they will allow at least one guest by July. Utah is in the yellow phase as of Saturday the 16th of May. Looks like USCIS is opening up soon! 🙏
  4. Just checked the U.S. District Court website in Utah and it says; May 13 and June 10 Naturalizations Have Been Cancelled Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Please note that, pursuant to court order and evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols, ALL of the Naturalization Ceremonies scheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 2020 and Wednesday, June 10, 2020, have been CANCELLED Hoping for July's oath ceremony. 🙏
  5. Hey everyone, On my USCIS account, it shows an estimate time of 4 days. Does anyone know what it means?? I am a bit confused as the estimated time disappeared for a while. I am waiting on my oath ceremony. Thanks! Stay safe!
  6. I'm no expert in the USCIS department, so this is just my opinion and what i have seen on here. 1. If this is to receive your 2 year conditional green card, then most likely you will need get biometric done and attend an interview. 2. If you applied for the ROC (10 year green card) and had your biometric done by USCIS then most likely they won't call you for an interview. (My case was like this) Hope this helps!
  7. Option 1: You mentioned "Approved I-130 is my spouse" Are you married to a USC? If yes, then your spouse can file for your ROC (I-751). Option 2: However, you may file Form I-751 without your spouse if: 1. You entered the marriage in good faith, but your spouse subsequently died; 2. You entered the marriage in good faith, but the marriage was later terminated due to divorce or annulment; 3. You entered the marriage in good faith, but you have been battered or subject to extreme cruelty by your petitioning spouse; or 4. Your conditional resident parent entered the marriage in good faith, but you have been battered or subject to extreme cruelty by your parent’s U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or by your conditional resident parent; or 5. The termination of your status and removal from the United States would result in extreme hardship. Also, the above information is from Form I-751's instructions on the USCIS website, you may file on your own if your parents doesn't want to apply for you. I don't know what documents you would need. Talk to your lawyer about it. Good Luck!
  8. Same thing happened to me. I had my interview in February and got approved. When i checked my account online, it said you attended your interview you don't need to do anything else and below it said we approved your application. In short: Congratulation!! Now we just wait until USCIS offices are open so they can send us the naturalization ceremony letter. :)
  9. That is correct. Part 10 Q3 (How many times you've been married, including your current marriage) and Part 10 Q8 (if your spouse has been married before, not including your current marriage). Hope this makes sense. Good luck!
  10. Anyone who has done their interview in the last couple weeks got their naturalization ceremony letter yet? Do you think because of the COVID-19 ceremony will be postponed?
  11. I had my interview today and it was about 1 hour long. Interview was at 10:45 and I arrived 15 minutes before the interview and got checked in. My interview did not start until about 11:00. I had 2 different officers and they were both very nice and friendly. One officer was for the test and i answered all 6 questions, passed the speaking and writing part as well. Below is the list of questions I was asked. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? What did the Declaration of Independence do? What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence? What is the highest court in the United States? What major event happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States? Where is the Statue of Liberty?* I was asked to say "Where is the White House?" I was asked to write "The White House is in Washington D.C. Then the officer told me I passed the civic portion of the interview and to have a seat in the waiting room and to wait for another officer to call me for the interview. I waited for about 25-30 minutes before i was called in. I was sworn in by the second officer and he then proceeded to ask me questions from my application, example; full name, date of birth, SSN, address. After that he asked me the "NO" questions and the "YES" questions. Finally he asked me to verify my information for my certificate and said I passed the interview. What a journey! Good luck everyone! How long until they send the Oath ceremony date? I will be out of town and was wondering if I will receive something before I leave so I can reschedule. Thank you!
  12. You should hear from them in a few weeks. The waiting game is the worst!
  13. I submitted my application online (Office: SLC, UT) on 09/10/2019. Had my biometric done on 10/03/2019. Interview is scheduled for 02/26/2020. Where is your field office and when did you apply? Have you done your biometric yet?
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