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  1. I'm having the same problem, but everyone I click on "sign" (that's the new label) the system log me out returning to the login page. I need to print my DS 260 as my case number was changed after I submit it at the first time. This happened because between the application and the NVC approval I had to moved from Switzerland to Brazil. I don't find a way to print the confirmation page with the new number. My backup plan is to have the original confirmation page and the email with the change. Anyone has another idea?
  2. Thank you and good luck for you too! Singapore is dealing well with the pandemic. Unfortunately this is not true for the rest of the world including Brazil (where I am now).
  3. I think they have a directive to delay processes as much as they can. Congratulations for the approval. Unfortunately, if you are still waiting for the embassy/consulate appointment, it will be delayed because of the pandemic. I have an interview schedule for April 3rd, but now I have no clue when they will resume their work! Good luck to us all!
  4. Totally agree! I think we have the humanitarian reason for this pandemic to end, but also, as a secondary and very selfish reason, to reopen the interviews! I just hope some good consequences will remain from this pandemic: - more empathy and kindness - science is important and can save us - nature is screaming that if we don't respect her, she can kill us all!!! (Just like our body tries to kill diseases when we get infected) - this is just for us all to think about it. 😉
  5. I think it's case by case. My Visa is the IR1/CR1 and it's different from the K1. If your process is similar to mine, they will send you the letter with instructions to access NVC portal. They you list each document you need to upload, follow their instructions to scan your civil documents and your sponsor's financial affidavit. For some reason, after 2 months wait they requested my spouse's divorce decree (this is a civil document not financial!!!), But this delayed or process for 2 more months and now we got suspended because of the pandemic. Just a hint: make sure each document you update are not blurry and under the size limit. You can reduce the scan qualify (as long as it does not get blurry). Most importantly: read all their directions and review each page in the scanned file.
  6. I'm not an expert, but I would send the documents NVC requested. Under normal situation they take over 2 months just to review your documents, then another couple of weeks to schedule the interview. As they suspended all interviews, they will hold your process at NVC until they resume their normal work. Remember that NVC can review your documents and request more information or document resubmission. Everytime they do that, it's another 2 months for the new revision!
  7. That's so unfortunate! I'm in the same boat. My spouse lives in the US and I'm not allowed to visit him there while waiting for the final Visa. It was difficult for us as it has been 12 months already. Now we have no clue when we will be able to rejoin our family. If anything happens with my family there or here, we cannot even comfort each other!! I hope this mess will and soon for all of us!
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